Weekly Transit Watch for September 11 to 17, 2022

Are you ready for a magical week of soul-searching? Beginning on Sunday, September 11, the sun in Virgo will create a shattering trine with Uranus retrograde in Taurus, suggesting an eruption between the perfectionistic ego and the regressing wild child. As the earthy trine unfolds, there might be a stronger push to show off one’s individualistic flair through tangible means. Donning a unique style or acting more like your true self is possible in a semi-stable manner that is easily accepted by others.

A few days later, you may want to reconsider how you pursue your ideal spouse or marriage when Mars in Gemini squares Juno retrograde in Pisces. The mutable tension is emotionally and intellectually palpable. However, this square encourages us to find a compromise between the head and the heart to move forward in pursuit of being with our soulmate.

Shortly after, the reality of love may hit as Venus in Virgo opposes Juno retrograde in Pisces. The opposition brings up Venus’s logical look on commitment and Juno retrograde’s mystical soul-search for “the One”. Seeking love is no easy task, especially as the opposition implies being rational despite wanting otherworldly romance. 

Friday, September 16, is expected to be an astrologically jam-packed day! First, Ceres in Leo opposes Vesta retrograde in Aquarius, encouraging us to tend to and nurture the unique fire within each of us. The opposition will ask us one question – what makes me special? Nurturing your fire implies self-awareness as you will need to be mindful about what dreams, aspirations, devotions, and more makes you, you.

Venus in Virgo will then square Mars in Gemini, causing a mutable clash between the lover planets. Commitment isn’t easy as the square represents trouble-shooting challenges with organization, flexibility, and being of service to make each venture work. Although this square implies feeling mentally torn and restless, both planets could seek compromise as they both report to Mercury. Communication will be key! Luckily, all will work out as intended since Venus also trines the North Node in Taurus, suggesting that fate and destiny are at play. 

After, the sun in Virgo will oppose Neptune retrograde in Pisces, suggesting that our delusions or fantasies are suddenly clear as day. Neptune retrograde is slowly but surely removing its rose-colored glasses, allowing the sun to become self-aware to see things for what they truly are instead of what we want them to be. You can still feel the magic of your vitality without becoming swept up in a tidal wave of illusion.

Then Pallas in Cancer squares Jupiter retrograde in Aries, implying that we need to be both instinctual and intuitive to move forward. Pallas is incredibly emotionally sharp as there is a stark awareness about what needs to be nurtured or when to listen to our gut feelings. Since Jupiter retrograde is open to revising its perspective of expansion, the square may encourage Jupiter retrograde to go beyond its comfort zone. Being mindful of how we strategize to achieve abundance is necessary! 

Finally, Saturday, September 17, ends the week with the last quarter moon in Gemini, Mercury retrograde in Libra squaring Pallas in Cancer, and Mars in Gemini forming a sextile to Chiron retrograde in Aries.

The last quarter moon in Gemini is our push to say what needs to be said before the new moon. Conversations are due to come to a close, so make sure that you follow up. Addressing your concerns, answering questions, and shooting off final messages are excellent ways to end this period (and week).

Mercury retrograde square Pallas advises us to listen to our gut feelings while we navigate the retrograde. Listen to what others are saying and doing. Are their actions matching what they claimed they would do? Does the intent of what they say translate to its impact? Pallas can allude to what we need to pick up on as Mercury retrograde can unintentionally reveal the information we may need to strategize accordingly. 

Finally, focus on healing the wound of ambition and sex as Mars sextiles Chiron retrograde. The sextile brings up the issue of following through with an action and even feeling comfortable with our sexual desires. Use this energy to chip away at various goals, explore kinks with an open mind, and accept your libido. 

Weekly Transit Watch

  • September 11 – Sun in Virgo trines Uranus retrograde in Taurus
  • September 14 – Mars in Gemini squares Juno retrograde in Pisces
  • September 15 – Venus in Virgo opposes Juno retrograde in Pisces
  • September 16 – Ceres in Leo opposes Vesta retrograde in Aquarius, Venus in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini, Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune retrograde in Pisces, Venus in Virgo trines North Node in Taurus, Pallas in Cancer squares Jupiter retrograde in Aries
  • September 17 – Last Quarter Moon in Gemini, Mercury retrograde in Libra squares Pallas in Cancer, Mars in Gemini sextiles Chiron retrograde in Aries

Weekly Horoscopes


Work, health, and service are in focus this week, Aries. What do you value in your daily activities? Who or what makes you feel productive? It might be time to work on cultivating better habits through your relationships and commitments. 


What makes you feel alive, Taurus? It is time to focus on your happiness without being so harsh or critical about what you enjoy. You should make time to see friends, research what goes into fulfilling your dreams, and make progress with current passion projects.


Be critical, Gemini. You tend to be an easy-breezy sign, but it might benefit you to lean into the critical discernment that this week’s transits bring. Be honest about what you need to edit or adjust to become accomplished!


Adventure awaits, Cancer! Isn’t it time for you to get back out there to enjoy what life has to offer? New experiences may come up this week, especially in conversation. Use the transits to look into new opportunities that will make your journey even more fulfilling.


Money matters may come through with some surprising revelations, Leo. You may need to take a hard look in the mirror as your values, budget, and debts are in focus. Being honest about your finances can be stressful, but worthwhile!


Are you surrounding yourself with the right people, Virgo? You are in your prime this week, so it’s important to have relationships that will elevate you. If you feel like some people or places are lacking their usual pizazz, then you should focus on other arrangements instead.


Take your mental health seriously, Libra. The vibe might be slightly off this week, especially if you aren’t feeling productive or if you feel notably critical about your relationships. If your subconscious outlook isn’t right, remove yourself from the situation to find some peace.


What’s going to make the cut, Scorpio? It’s okay to be stricter than usual about the events that you attend, the people you socialize with, and your dreams. Use these transits to shift gears to focus on opportunities that will be the right fit for your community and passion projects.


Do you feel comfortable with your status, Sagittarius? You might be feeling more nit-picky than usual about what you are known for and who you are associated with. If you’re not happy about the legacy you are creating or the reputation that you have, then make some changes!


Explore new horizons, Capricorn. The opportunity for travel or education may arise this week, which is something worth entertaining as you may be overdue for a change of scenery. Consider your options, do some research, but hold off on making a pertinent decision.


Get financially organized, Aquarius. It’s time for you to scrutinize your financial investments, constraints, debts, and more this week. Not all of your arrangements are ideal or lucrative. Go over your bank accounts and financial plans with a fine-tooth comb.


DTR, Pisces!! It’s about time that you know where you stand in your relationships and commitments. This may refer to professional or romantic opportunities. Either way, you should figure out what is going on before moving forward.

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