June Horoscopes

Aries Sun/Rising June is all about self-love and shadow-work! Aries, the retrograde season can be draining as retrogrades can uncover all the nitty-gritty in life. Throughout June, you’re going to have to do some heavy introspection as to what you can heal, where you can forgive, and how to move on. On June 5th, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will call your attention to your spiritual and educational journey. This is the time to reflect on your progress. Little by little, one travels far! Revel in your journey, and feel pride in the hard work you have done. By the middle of June, your family and home will become a huge focus. Between the 18th and the 21st, the Sun will move into Cancer, Mercury will station Retrograde in Cancer, and there will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer. As the Sun and New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer are highlighting your home and family, this is a great time to begin setting new intentions. Can you improve or repair any familial relationships? Is this the time to begin researching your ancestry? Are you content in your current home? What can be improved in your current home? Mercury Retrograde in Cancer implies that much-needed conversations may be happening over the next month about your home and family. Be gentle, as Mercury Retrograde can be difficult to navigate. Since the next month will be about improving your home and family, part of this may also be contingent on healing yourself. As Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces, this will be affecting your subconscious over the next few months. You may feel called to do some shadow work over the next few months. Shadow-work implies that you’re facing your shadow self or the parts of yourself that need to be healed. This may be easy to get into when Mars moves into Aries, as you’re going to feel the innate drive to improve yourself. Don’t be afraid to rely on long-time friends to help you during this time. By the end of June, there will be a push to let go of something that’s been holding you back from shadow-work. This could be holding onto a job that is no longer working for you, holding onto your idea of your reputation, or holding onto an immature mindset. Whatever it may be, just know that letting go of this stagnant aspect of yourself will significantly impact your ability to heal and grow as a person over the next few months.

Taurus Sun/Rising Taurus, your next month is going to be about accepting change as it is. Scary stuff for a fixed sign, such as yourself! The retrograde and eclipse season is about reflection. Essentially, what needs to change and what needs to be let go. When the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius occurs on the 5th, your hidden self will become exposed. This is the ideal time to take your mask off. You are a fixed, earth sign so essentially, you may resist letting people into your life. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is going to ask you to be a little bit more open. Remember that there is strength in vulnerability! There will be a bit of a lull between the 5th to the 18th. From the 18th to the 21st, the Sun will move into Cancer, Mercury will station retrograde in Cancer, and there will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer. When the Sun and New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer occurs, this will be a moment to reflect on how your vulnerability has served you in the last two weeks. What did you do, and what were the outcomes? Did this affect your life positively or negatively? Whatever the case may be, it wouldn’t be surprising if you felt the need to retreat, especially with Mercury Retrograde in Cancer affecting your communication. However, the over-arching lesson of the next month with Cancerian transits is to know when to come forward and when to retreat. This will be a balancing act of raw vulnerability and silence. You may feel like you can’t communicate what you want or need properly during this time. But part of learning is taking each mistake in stride. If you fumble, just know you’re not going to fall. If you are feeling frustrated or angered, be mindful of how you choose to express it. Mars will be in Aries, which will light a fire in your subconscious. You may be more easily annoyed or angered over the next month than usual. If this is the case, then be vulnerable with how you feel. If you let your anger fester, you will end up having grudges or grievances that will hinder your progress in your relationships.

Gemini Sun/Rising Welcome to your season, Gemini! While the Sun and Venus are in your sign, you’re likely exploring variations of yourself right now. Who do you want to become? This is the prime time to explore your path with childlike wonder and curiosity. Part of this may be looking at your connections, relationships, and contracts. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is lighting up your zone of commitment on the 5th! This is a good check-in moment. Since it’s in your polar opposite sign, Sagittarius, you may feel logically and emotionally pulled in two different connections. Now is the time to weigh the pros and cons of each decision you make, especially decisions regarding your journey. This is an ideal time to even take up a new hobby, or make time to have fun. By mid-June, there will be three planetary shifts in Cancer – Sun in Cancer, Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, and New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer. This will be the time where your focus will be shifted from love to career and finances. Your financial stability will be called into question at this time. You may be at a crossroads with working in a public workplace versus at home. This could be a time where you can invest in a family business or start your own family business. Likely, you could even receive an unexpected inheritance, like a family heirloom. Be mindful that Mercury Retrograde in Cancer can also make you feel more emotional about your finances and materials. This could be a time where you may gain one thing but at the cost of something else. Your emotions may also sway your attitude regarding your finances. Try to hold back from making emotional purchases, or emotional investments. When Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces, this will be casting a haze over your career, maturity, and recognition. The next few months may be unpredictable, especially if you’re unsure of your footing at work and in your communities. It may be time to start making new connections while keeping up with current connections. You’ll be surprised what your connections can bring you! Your communities may help your position with your status, or even open up a new avenue with your career. All in all, keep an open mind but don’t readily commit. Weigh the pros and cons of each avenue.

Cancer Sun/Rising Feeling weary, Cancer? Retrograde and eclipse season implies emotional turmoil. When the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius occurs on the 5th, it’ll put attention on your health and environment. Prepare to reflect on your current mindset, emotional self, and attitude. How are you processing the current events in your life? Are you able to appraise these events as positive or negative? Is there something or someone in your environment that is negative? This is a great time to reflect on your mental health, especially if your immediate environment is significantly impacting this. The said environment would most likely be your home or workplace. Halfway through June, the Sun will shift into your sign. Welcome to the beginning of your season, Cancer! Aside from the Sun, Mercury will station retrograde in Cancer and there will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer as well. This will be the time where you’re going to step into your power. Ask yourself if you’re happy with who you currently are, and if this current persona aligns with who you want to be. This is the prime time to begin working on reaching your highest self. Mercury Retrograde will push you to rediscover and reimagine who you could be. Part of finding your inner power will be reinforced when Mars moves into Aries. Mars in Aries will be redirected to your growth and recognition. It’s time to assert yourself. It may be helpful to look into manifestation, specifically how to manifest your heart’s desire. Using manifestation tips may be useful when deciding on what you want too. Luckily, Venus stations direct in your area of the subconscious. You have the mental energy to begin moving forward with your spiritual growth. The end of June will be highlighted by significant endings to any commitments, relationships, or contracts. This could be a time where you move, leave a job, or end a relationship. Just know that this is needed to redefine your sense of self. Be gentle with yourself at this time.

Leo Sun/Rising Nothing can get Leo down… usually. It’s been a rough year thus far. You may find that your once cheerful attitude is becoming less and less apparent. It’s not surprising if you’ve lost recent motivation to engage in your favorite activities, or have been struggling to have fun. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will call your creativity into question on the 5th. Between the pandemic and quarantine, it’s likely you can’t engage in your normal extracurricular activities. Now is the time to make a point to let loose.  If you’re feeling stuck or bored, try to reimagine how you could be having more fun. Maybe it’s a Zoom bar crawl with friends, or trying out a new hobby. It could even be the time to start thinking about taking a short-distanced trip, like going to your favorite park or even to a friend’s house. Whatever the case may be, make happiness a priority again. The second half of June is all about keeping your plans, motives, and agenda hidden. Leo, you’re typically a gregarious, proud sign who likes to tell everyone what they’re doing. But the astrological transits in the second half of June are cautioning you to stay quiet about your agenda. When the Sun, Mercury Retrograde, and New Moon Solar Eclipse all station in Cancer, this will be affecting your subconscious. It’s time to retreat to reflect emotionally. Know that this may be the time where you need to find emotional stability within yourself. So, this may mean that you should pull back from expressing every emotional outburst publicly. Venus will be direct in your area of communities, so you will find that your true friends will have your back at this time. When Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces, this will be casting a haze on your hidden self. Again, you’re naturally someone who wants to be open and expressive. But this is a time to seriously consider keeping your hidden agenda or self on lockdown. As you pull back for introspection, thus relying on only yourself, you may find that you already have all the answers you seek. The end of June will focus on what you need to end in your environment or health. From self-introspection, you may find that you’re readily engaging in a self-limiting mindset or attitude that is impacting your life. Likewise, you may find that your immediate environment is causing you more grief than you need. Whatever needs to come to an end, let it. Know that all endings are just new beginnings in a disguise. 

Virgo Sun/Rising It’s time to pause to refocus on yourself in June, Virgo. When the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius happens on the 5th, this will be highlighting your home and family. It could be time where you’re considering moving, Virgo. It may also be a time when you’re considering separating yourself from your family matters to carry on with your life. Likewise, this could be a point of reflection as to what needs to be expressed to your family or those that you currently live with. The second half of June is all about your relationships, specifically figuring out which ones can stay and which ones need to go. When Neptune in Pisces stations retrograde, this will cast a fog over your commitments and contracts. Be wary of signing leases or contracts at this time, as it may not be with the most accurate perception of the situation. Neptune Retrograde can also impact any budding relationships at this time. Be mindful of idolizing someone, or a relationship as this may not be the reality of the situation. Likewise, be mindful of which relationships you’re making too many exceptions for. It can be easy to overlook red flags at this time. But with Mars in Aries wanting to expose the truth and Venus stationing direct in your area of maturation, you have the opportunity to see things for what they are. In essence, you will know when a relationship isn’t working or when it’s time to move on. But the difficult aspect of Neptune Retrograde will be accepting reality over fantasy. Virgo, it’s time to take the rose-colored glasses off. By the end of June, Jupiter will be in harmony with Pluto, which will cause a significant ending in your area of drama. Whatever has been brewing will come to light, will be dealt with, and will end. Accept this ending with grace. Process it creatively. Use music, art, and writing to come to terms with this ending.

Libra Sun/Rising This may have been a period of indecision or inability to commit. Often at a crossroads, now is the time to take action. On the 5th, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is going to ask you to be decisive. Libra, you tend to glaze over your opinions or even dodge the blunt truth. With this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse affecting your communication, now is the time to speak boldly. It’s time to make the decision. Trust your gut instinct. This decision may be related to your profession. As the Sun, Mercury Retrograde, and New Moon Solar Eclipse are in Cancer, this affects your progress with your career. This may be a time where you are offered a promotion or a dream job. But it’s likely that you’re struggling with the decision, as this will cause serious change in your life. Likewise, it could be strongly related to speaking up for yourself in your workplace. As Neptune Retrograde in Pisces is casting a fog over your environment and work, you may be feeling worn down from work. These transits may imply that this is a time where you demand more respect in the workplace. This can be asking for a raise for the work you’ve been doing, the process of reinforcing professional boundaries or even taking a break from work to collect yourself. Regardless of the situation, you’re going to have to be more upfront and independent in your career. Mars in Aries will help you stand your ground, as this transit will be igniting a fire in your commitments and contracts. You could even break away from a toxic work environment or relationship at this time. Regardless of your situation, you’re going to insist on being respected in your profession at this time. Stand your ground.

Scorpio Sun/Rising Everything comes to light eventually, Scorpio. June is all about the process of the truth being exposed. This begins on the 5th with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This transit will ask you to reflect on your finances and stability. Could you be practicing better financial literacy at this time? Do you feel stable in all aspects of your life? Where could you be more stable, and how? The rest of June will be focused on stability, namely with asserting the truth in your current situation. To improve your spiritual journey, you need to take action. Mercury Retrograde, Sun, and New Moon Solar Eclipse all in Cancer will be pushing to you move ahead in your spiritual journey. Now is the ideal time to begin setting intentions on what you’d like to heal within yourself, and where you’d like to end up. Part of this is learning a more effective communication style or having the conversations you don’t want to have, per the Mercury Retrograde influence. Said conversation(s) may not have the ideal outcome or timing, but know that it still needs to happen. These conversations may finally address issues with any personal drama. Neptune Retrograde in Pisces will cast a fog on your area of drama and creation. This is a time where you may seek resolution or truth, and it may not fully come out. Likewise, it may come out but not necessarily in the way you anticipated. This may mean that you realize that you had a larger role to play in your drama than you expected. Or that your actions/words had a bigger impact on your drama than you realized. There are two sides to every story, as Venus will expose this when it stations direct in your area of the hidden/unknown. Know that whatever comes undone or is unfolding will be taken in stride. Mars in Aries will activate your area of health and environment. You may feel invigorated to make a significant change while your situation unfolds. And you may find that you have a positive appraisal of your situation by the end of it, which will significantly impact your spiritual journey.

Sagittarius Sun/Rising Are you happy with who you are? When the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign occurs on the 5th, this is the time of reflection. Who you are now versus at the beginning of the year maybe two very different people. This is the time to congratulate yourself on your evolution. With that being stated, ask yourself how you can continue working on yourself to become your best self. Your relationships may be less confusing when Venus stations direct later in June. It may also be an ideal time to explore your romantic prospects without the commitment. Likewise, explore any contracts or commitments being presented to you at this time. This could be concerning business, housing, romance, or a combination. The rest of June is all about personal growth. Sun, Mercury Retrograde, and New Moon Solar Eclipse are all in Cancer, which is impacting the hidden/unknown in your life. You feel the need to explore what you’re innately afraid of, which may be strongly connected to your emotional nature, your mother/mother-like figure, family, and even pregnancy. This will be the time where you ought to delve into your emotional nature instead of writing it off or running away from it. Since Mercury Retrograde is affecting your hidden self, you may struggle with communicating how you feel at this time. This could also be about how you communicate with your family, namely your mother. Since Neptune Retrograde in Pisces puts a haze on your area of home and family, this could even be the time where family secrets are exposed. Tread lightly. By the end of June, Jupiter and Pluto will be in harmony, which will help you with your communication. This may be the time when you’re able to talk about the family secrets in a productive manner that helps you move on. June can be a time where you and your family heal.

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Capricorn Sun/Rising Typically Capricorn is a nonsensical sign that calls it as they see it. But June may be harder to navigate than you expect. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will highlight your subconscious. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will call your journey into question. Where are you going, Capricorn? You could have started the year with a clear direction in mind. By now, your original plans may have been thwarted, trashed, or put on hold. Now is the time to reflect on how you can adjust your journey. You may find that you have to be a little bit more go with the flow than you anticipated. Your future goals are still valid, and you will get to where you want to be. However, the journey maybe a little bit more unpredictable than expected. Accept the obstacles, make the best of it, and keep working on what you can at this time. When the Sun, Mercury Retrograde, and New Moon Solar Eclipse are all in Cancer, your relationships are going to be highlighted. These transits will put what you want in your relationships into focus. Set intentions for an ideal relationship. Don’t be surprised if you’re unable to commit, or if someone else is unable to commit to you during Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde may also impact any contracts or commitments at this time. Contracts/commitments can be in relation to business, work, and/or housing. You may find it especially difficult to communicate with Mercury Retrograde and Neptune Retrograde. Try your best to be discerning, and to question what others say. Assume nothing. Luckily, Venus will be direct in your area of health, so you have the opportunity to embody self-love all month long. Venus will remind you to take a break if you need to. It may also be a great time to consider talk therapy, or even communicating your grievances with a close friend. You may find that the conversations you have where you’ve vulnerable significantly impact your mental health. Just be wary of engaging in gossip, especially in the workplace or with coworkers.

Aquarius Sun/Rising The first half of June is to ask you to reflect on your communities. When the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius highlights your communities, now is a time to ask yourself if you’ve made progress with expanding your social circle. Do you have more genuine friendships now than you did 6 months ago? Are your business connections serving you? Do you feel happy with your current connections? It could also be a time where you trim the fat in your communities. Don’t be afraid to walk away from stagnant, toxic, or disloyal connections. After all, it’s time to take care of yourself. When the Sun, Mercury Retrograde, and New Moon Solar Eclipse are all in Cancer, this will be shining a light on your environment and health. Sun in Cancer and New Moon Solar Eclipse is going to make you refocus on what you deserve. Maybe it’s a peaceful workplace, reciprocal household, self-love, or finding hidden joy in your daily chores. Set the intention of finding joy and peace in your environment and health. Mercury Retrograde may show what needs to be changed at work or home, or in yourself. Maybe it’s time to take on a different set of responsibilities at work to switch up your mundane schedule. It could even present problems with scheduling at work or readjusting to a remodeled workplace environment. Because Neptune Retrograde in Pisces is affecting stability and finances, this could also explain any unexpected changes in your workplace as well. These changes could also impact your financial status. Mercury Retrograde can also present problems with self-advocating at work, so be mindful of how you choose to present yourself. The same goes for the home, especially if you try to find balance with the people you live with. With this in mind, you do have creative avenues to explore that will help alleviate retrograde and eclipse stressors. Since Venus is direct in your area of creativity, now is a great time to learn something new! It can be indulging in a new book or learning a new skill. You may also feel inspired to write more at this time, especially if you keep a journal or blog.

Pisces Sun/Rising Are you feeling at peace in your current profession, Pisces? Or do you crave recognition? The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse lights up your zone of recognition and career at the beginning of June. During the last 6 months, it’s likely you’ve dealt with significant changes in your current career. Maybe it was taking on additional responsibilities, changing careers, and of course, the pandemic has impacted this as well. Either way now is a time to reflect on if you’re happy with where your career is currently at. If not, ask yourself if this is because you don’t feel recognized or appreciated at your current workplace. As the Sun, Mercury Retrograde, and New Moon Solar Eclipse station in Cancer during mid-June, this will light up your creativity, but also drama. You’re going to find inner happiness from altruistic and/or compassionate activities. This could be spending time with family, volunteering, and even fostering a pet. However, Mercury Retrograde is also lighting up your zone of drama, so be wary of what you say, how you say it, and when you say it. Sometimes innocuous comments can come back to bite you in the butt. This may be difficult as Mars in Aries is sparking your stability and finances. So, you may find that drama is brewing if you spout off in a moment of frustration, or say something impulsively in a blunt manner. This could be especially true if you’re voicing frustrations over a lack of stability in the workplace. It may be difficult to gauge how you’re acting or being perceived because Neptune Retrograde will be occurring in your sign. June looks like a month of instability, mainly because you may have a difficult time perceiving a situation accurately and others may have a difficult time perceiving you accurately. Since you’ll be wearing the rose-colored glasses, try your best to disengage from any drama that’s already been brewing. There’s no need to throw more fuel on a fire!


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