All About Saturn Retrograde

The Universe will hold a metaphorical mirror up to the aspects of your life that need to be revamped over the course of the next few months. The Great Malefic, Saturn, stations retrograde on May 11 in the sign of Aquarius. This giant will be Rx in Aquarius until it shifts into Capricorn on July 1, which will be the sign it stays in until stationing direct again on September 29. Over the next few months, Saturn will aim to help us learn the hard lessons from the other planetary retrogrades. Expect all kinds of karma to unfold.

A Crash Course on Saturn

In mythology, Saturn is also known as Kronos (or Cronus), which is the old age, the traditional father of the major gods. If you look at Kronos’s mythology, he’s known for eating his children. Yes, eating his children. It was prophesized that Kronos would be overthrown as all ruler by his son. So, to counter-act this problem, he ate all of his kids. The only child that had been saved was Zeus, who was swapped with a rock when it came time for Kronos to eat him. When the time came, Zeus tricked Kronos into drinking a vomit-inducing cocktail so that Kronos would throw up his other children. Kronos eventually met his demise when his son, Zeus, managed to lead an uprising with the regurgitated children. The mythology of Kronos infers that he represents karmic lessons, time, tradition, and fatherhood. However, this is tinged as Kronos is seen as a malefic ruler and power to work with. His mythology closely ties into Saturn’s astrological purpose. Like Kronos, Saturn also represents lessons learned the hard way. We tend to look at the sign placed in Saturn as how we appraise our karmic lessons, and what they may be. The House home to Saturn in our charts represents the area of life where karmic lessons are most present. It may also represent the type of lessons learned.

When looking at Saturn as a whole, this is considered a personal planet that could link us to a sub-generation. Saturn’s transit in one sign can last up to 2.5 years, and the Rx period can be right around the 5-month mark. This also explains why subgroups of generations may carry the same natal Saturn Rx. Saturn is what we need to look at when we’re being held accountable. It is this planet that is the end-all, be-all of repercussions.

Karmic Lessons: Saturn Rx

A retrograde period is characterized as a “rethink, review, revise” momentum. In order to move forward, the Rx period first makes us take a hard look at our past. In essence, Rx can help us move forward from unhealthy patterns or dynamics. This is the time to grow.

As Saturn heads into retrograde, it will be holding a mirror up to the things in your life that aren’t working. Saturn Rx will be a hallmark period of lessons learned the hard way, the destruction of past paradigms that no longer work, and unfinished karma. The lessons of Saturn Rx vary as this Rx period occurs in two signs – first Aquarius then Capricorn.

While transiting in Aquarius, the karmic lessons are strongly related to society, individuality, independence, and innovation. Throughout the first half of this Rx season, Saturn Aquarius will teach us that we need to shift focus.

This may be the time where our relationship with society comes into focus. It may be a time of reflection as to how society can improve collectively and the steps that can be taken. It can be large-scale, like a massive response to political impact. For example, public response to how COVID-19 is being handled by local, state, and federal government. It can be strongly related to public health safety measures, new policies, or unemployment benefits. It can also be small-scale, like a community coming together in hard times. For example, I know that there are several F&B funds being created by F&B employees (and others) who are donating to help these employees/industry people feel financial relief during this time. This can also be strongly tied to whether or not we act out collectively or independently. We can come together, or fall apart. Saturn Rx in Aquarius will highlight a time of civil disobedience.

This may be a time where our focus on ourselves comes into play. Saturn Rx in Aquarius may teach us the individual karmic lesson of becoming reacquainted with your individuality. This first half may highlight a period of individual growth. Consider this a period to reflect to come into your power. It may be a time where you cut ties with people who no longer add anything beneficial to your life (which would be strongly indicated following Venus and Pluto Rx). This may be a time where you cut yourself off from stagnant financial/work situations to find your innovation again. Especially with the massive breakdown of business that has occurred due to COVID-19.

Regardless, the first half of Saturn Rx in Aquarius is about a massive refocus on the self, the relationship with society, and society itself. On July 1, Saturn Rx moves into Capricorn. This last leg of the Saturn Rx period in Capricorn represents the karmic lessons of maturation, recognition, and work. This implies that this is the karmic ending of an era. It may be the time where actual situations, relationships, and predicaments are finalized.

If the first half in Aquarius was revitalizing our relationships with the self and society, then the second half in Capricorn reinforces the factors of revitalizing the relationships. Saturn Rx in Capricorn is going to ask us how we’ve grown individually and collectively. Part of this is asking yourself if you’ve put the work into it, or if society has come together to work through any problems.

Saturn Rx in Capricorn will impact your relationship with work and recognition. Are you happy in your current predicament? Is this what you wanted? Could your work-life balance improve? For some, this could be a time where you finally break it off with a job. After all, this can be about the finality of endings. This may highlight a period where you finally quit a job, and pursue something else that’s more meaningful. It may also be a time where you’re fired from a job. It can go either way. Work relationships may also come to an end, which can be positive or negative. Maybe your work BFF leaves for another career, or your terrible reign with management ends. Maybe it’s intentional, like both you and a coworker call it quits after trying to fix the relationship. Maybe it’s situational, like your relationships with coworkers drift off after you leave your place of work. It’s also likely this is a time where a situation or relationship unfolds that is the moment you decide you need radical change. It could be a scathing meeting, a demotion, a cold exchange, being passed up on a promotion. Whatever it is, it is the absolute point of “I’m done”. This can also explain a radical shift of focus with work.

Saturn Rx in Capricorn calls attention to maturation. If growth was called into attention during Aquarius’s first half, then Capricorn will help reinforce the finalization of maturation. This will be a time where your actions are called into question. This will be a time to reflect on how you’ve grown, and where you’re going. Are your current actions or path leading you to an ideal place? You may find that this is the time where you’re feeling unfulfilled on your current path. It could stem from a lack of recognition, stagnantion, or inability to perservere. Saturn Rx in Capricorn can also relate to the seriousness of your situation, or goals. If you’re not committing to a path actively, then what are you doing?

Both phases of Saturn Rx are a time of stoic reflection. In the first leg, it’s asking us to reflect on our individual selves and how we’re adding to the collective. It’ll be the time to challenge the norm, to embrace eccentricity and innovation. The second leg will be asking us to reflect upon our relationship with work, recognition, and maturation. It’ll be the time to make serious changes to your current path, maybe eliminating the path you’re on for something more fulfilling or in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Key Dates

  • May 11 – Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius, Mercury enters Gemini (aligment of self with self-reflection)
  • May 13 – Venus stations retrograde in Gemini, Mars enters Pisces (beginning of crossroads, path may seem murky but is actually close to your spiritual self, reflection of relationships)
  • May 14 – Jupiter stations retrograde in Capricorn (re-direction of spiritual journey)
  • May 20 – Gemini Season (curiosity with exploring, learning, and growing)
  • June 18 – Mercury stations retrograde in Cancer (problems with aligning spiritual journey with communication, problems with separating head from heart)
  • June 20 – Cancer Season (issues with separating head from heart, logic may be jaded with emotion)
  • June 22 – Venus stations direct in Gemini (clarity with relationships, decisions, romance moving forward)
  • June 23 – Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces (be wary of falling into a pitfall of self-pity, self-deception, and poor coping mechanisms)
  • July 1 – Saturn Rx enters Capricorn
  • July 16 – Saturn quincunx True Node (awkward tension of wanting to mark spiritual growth or aligment with fate and destiny)
  • August 12 – Saturn quintile Chiron (minor aspect pointing to the need or call for emotional healing or understanding emotional wounds)
  • August 15 – Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus (major shifts and changes in finances, career, and stability)
  • September 3 – Saturn quincunx True Node (another check-up on whether or not you’re redirecting your path in a positive manner)
  • September 9 – Mars stations retrograde in Aries (tensions, anger, aggression in response to feeling stuck, discarded, and ungrounded)
  • September 12 – Jupiter direct (clarity with plans moving forward, time to take the first step in the right direction)
  • September 25 – Saturn quintile Chiron (emotional healing)
  • September 29 – Saturn direct in Capricorn (lessons have been learned, time to apply them in effort to move forward in the right direction)

Final Thoughts

Having the Great Malefic in retrograde can feel like you’ve been dealt a bad hand. As humans, we often resist change. When Saturn stations retrograde in two signs over the next 5 months, be mindful that change is necessary to grow. Whatever is harshly brought into reflection is meant to be changed. Maybe it’s your relationship with your career or career path. It may be your relationships with partners, friends, and family. Whatever the case may be, understand that to reach your highest self, you have to first deal with your lowest self.

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