June Overview

Better late than never!

If June is the reflection of the year thus far, then so is astrology. Consider June a time of karmic reaping. This month is jam-packed! With the majority of the planets in Retrograde or heading into Retrograde, two eclipses echo the past and prepare us for the future. The energy is draining, encapsulating, and all-encompassing. Get ready!

Major Transits

Kicking off June with the Sun in Gemini! Gemini Season is all about crossroads, creativity, knowledge, and flexibility. When the Sun is in Gemini, it’s a call to explore all aspects of life with a childlike wonder. Curiosity and open-mindedness are key. Gemini is the sign of the Twins or Two Faces. This aspect infers that Gemini season highlights duality. Crossroads, vibrational energy, and the selves are in question. Are you acting in a lower vibration, therefore, as your lower self? Or are you in touch with your higher self, assuming higher vibrational energy? The crossroads of Gemini season are often the mid-point of the past and future. Now is the time to engage with an open intelligence. Be mindful of gossip, acting “two-faced”, or immaturity.

On June 5th, there is a Lunar Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius. Let’s break down this major astrological event by examining the minor astrological concepts. Full Moons are the point of reflection. What has come into fruition since the last New Moon? What has been attained and what has been let go? Full Moons highlight a completed or near-completed cycle. Now, Lunar Eclipses occur when the Earth’s shadow blocks the Sun and only during a full moon. Lunar Eclipses are the astrological equivalent of slamming a door shut for good. This is the time of swift, immediate action and ending. When the Lunar Full Moon Eclipse is occurring, it’s the radical karmic ending. This infers karmic endings from events that have played out over two weeks, since the last New Moon. More important, it’s the karmic ending of what you started 6 months ago – or the beginning of the year. Think back to January. What were you doing, who were you, and were you happy? More importantly, how has the last 6 months played out for you? Whatever was put into motion during January has seen its endings in the last 6 months. Consider the Lunar Full Moon Eclipse the final nail in the coffin. As this event is occurring in the sign of Sagittarius, the overall energy is ecstasy. There is swift, energetic optimism with the karmic ending. Sagittarius also represents higher education and spiritual journey. Wrapping up the karmic cycles marks the beginning of the next phase in your individual and collective journey. It’s interesting how this has occurred around the time of George Floyd protests. After all, as a society, we are being called into action. It’s time to take note of the energy of change. Elevate yourself to a higher standing, calling, and power.

On June 18th, Mercury joins the other planets in Retrograde, stationing in the sign of Cancer. This is the 5th planetary Rx in the last two months. Mercury Rx is often infamous in pop culture, as well as astrology. Mercury rules communication, travel, learning, and technology. While in Rx, this is the time where nothing said comes out quite right and tech glitches are inevitable. As Mercury Rx is in the sign of Cancer, there is an emphasis on under or over-communicating how you feel. The emotion of the conversation may be borderline dramatic or engulfing. Be mindful of not getting swept up in the energy of the moment. Easier said than done, of course. As this Mercury Rx is in Cancer, the home, family, feminine energy, and Mother may be a focal point. You may find that there are recurring issues or patterns with one of these aspects. This may be the time where some will have to heal their Mother/Feminine Wounds. For others, the home and family may come into question. It could be the time where some are considering relocating, or drastically changing their home life. When it comes to travel, triple-check your dates, times, and items before jetting off. When tech glitches occur, exercise patience and attack the problem as needed. Since this Mercury Rx is in a cardinal sign, it’s advised to take the initiative. However, Cancer is a notorious side-stepper, so taking the initiative may be forced on you. All in all, breathe. Mercury has the shortest Rx period at just 3 weeks! If you’ve survived Rx season thus far, you can get through a Mercury Rx.

The Sun enters Cancer on June 20, marking the beginning of a new astrological season – Summer! Cancer Season highlights the home, the family, the Mother, and the Divine Feminine. As the Sun is in Cancer, this is the ideal time to take action with family and home. Where can you improve your familial bonds? Can you picture a better home life for yourself? How’s your relationship with your Mother and your Feminine self? Now is the time to implement compassion. Utilize empathy and intuition to reimagine all that could be in these areas of life. This may also be the ideal time to heal any familial or generational wounding. After all, Mercury Rx in Cancer may dig up old wounds and traumas. Let that happen. Explore these past pains with an open heart. It’s time to heal.

Shortly after, the Solar New Moon Eclipse in Cancer occurs on June 21. Let’s break down this second major astrological event by looking at all its components. New Moons are a new beginning. Consider this a fresh start. It’s like a reset on your intentions, your energy, and your momentum. This is the ideal time to manifest what you’d like to occur over the next few weeks, until the next Full Moon. All in all, New Moons are the astrological time of renewal. A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes over in front of the Sun, thus covering the Sun for a brief period. Solar Eclipses only occur during a New Moon as well. In astrology, Solar New Moon Eclipses are the time where we are asked to radically change our perception and pathway. Are you happy on your current path? Is your current path aligned with your higher self, or your soul’s destiny? If not, this Solar New Moon Eclipse is the time to set down the intention of re-alignment. After all, the astrological door had been slammed shut in the Lunar Full Moon Eclipse. And when one door closes, another tends to open. Embrace what’s behind a new door. It’s time to let go of attachments that are no longer serving you. If you choose to hang on, just know that eclipses have the magnitude to speed up time and space. A Solar New Moon Eclipse will force you to let go. This could be the time where connections, job offers, potential plans, and more just fall apart on a whim. If this is the case, then let it happen. As this event is occurring in the sign of Cancer, there is an emphasis to be gentle with yourself and others at this time. Utilize compassion, empathy, and generosity to get through the radical shift in your day-to-day dynamics. Because this astrological event is in Cancer, there may be new beginnings on the horizon with the home and family. This could be an auspicious time to begin planning on pregnancy, moving, or building your home life. Wherever this event occurs in your House(s), take note of what new beginnings may be occurring there. For example, if this Eclipse is in your 1st House of the Self, then this may be the time where you are changing your perception of the world and who you are, aligning yourself with who you’d like to be. All in all, the Solar New Moon Eclipse in Cancer is comparable to the Fool in tarot. It’s a reset. Embrace the new beginning.

Neptune joins the others in retrograde, in its traditional sign of Pisces, on June 23. With Neptune, the planet of illusion and confusion, in retrograde, it’s like the fog is suddenly lifting. This placement is in Pisces, implying a sense of empathy and compassion that will come with the heavy dose of truth. Neptune Rx is all about the truth coming to light. The truth can be found in the House(s) that Neptune Rx is transiting in. The hardship of Neptune Rx is accepting the truth for what it is, and working with it. It would be wise to fight the fog from settling again.

Unlike Neptune, Venus stations direct in Gemini on June 25. With Venus direct, all matters of self-love, wealth, and relationships are now in a forward movement. Gemini’s influence infers choices and varying paths. You likely experienced two paths being presented to you during the Venus Rx period. The paths themselves can be specified based on the House(s) Venus Rx transited through. Now with Venus direct, this implies that the paths are clear. You may be at the crossroads of indecision. Is the past hindering or advancing the future? Does the past make the current future worth it? What is the path of least resistance? During the post-shadow end phase, you will be forced to consider all avenues. Even if you choose the wrong direction, know that in a sense it is also the right direction. Something I learned from running cross country in high school was that we all end up back at the same point, no matter how many wrong turns we make.

A few days later, Mars moves into Aries on June 27. Mars is domicile in Aries, which means that this placement is operating at its highest power. Aries Mars is the warrior spirit. This warrior spirit is the celestial kick in the ass we all needed. With Aries Mars transiting for the next 6 months, we can expect to get a head start on old projects and goals. Aries Mars is equivalent to dancing on hot coals – the goal is to keep moving. Be mindful of impulsion and childlike antics. Aries Mars can lead to flared tempers, short-lived arguments, flashes of impulsive activity, and promiscuity. With this in mind, know it’s all coupled with raw vulnerability. There is an honesty and blunt truth to Aries Mars.

The final transit is on June 30, when Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn. Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn is methodical expansion and ascension, characterized by karma. Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn is death, rebirth, and transformation also characterized by karma. When these two planets link up in a rare, harmonious aspect, this is the ultimate time to have a karmic ending. The ending itself is really a new beginning in disguise. Manifestations will begin to come into fruition at this time, and potentially in the way you least expect it. Know that each ending is a catalyst for growth, the growth being strongly related to your own spiritual journey.

Tread lightly.

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