Using Tarot During Mercury Retrograde

Did you know that Mercury will station retrograde four times this year? Crazy! And three of the four retrogrades will glide through an earth and air sign. Although a little overwhelming to consider, we can look towards our trusty Rider-Waite tarot deck for guidance during these periods!

When the cosmic energy becomes muddled in retrograde disbelief, tarot can be a helpful divination tool to clear the celestial air. Whether it’s a simple one-card pull or a full-blown spread, tarot can be perfect for understanding the cosmic interplay of Mercury retrograde in our lives.

The simplest yet most effective way to use tarot during Mercury retrograde would be a three-card spread. I suggest cleansing your deck and space before shuffling! You could cleanse with sound, sunlight, moonlight, or smoke. Be mindful of smoke cleansing tools as some are only used within a closed practice, such as sage. If you feel drawn to do so, consider picking out a few crystals to go with your Mercury retrograde tarot reading. I highly suggest using amethyst as this beautiful, purple stone not only protects but also promotes spiritual guidance while alleviating any negative emotions.

Once your space is energetically neutral, your deck is ready, and you are surrounded by your favorite divination tools, get ready to pull your cards! Shuffle your deck however many times that it feels right to you. I love using the time I spend shuffling to connect with my guides. It gives me a moment to focus on my intention for the reading while welcoming any insights that may come before pulling the cards. When the time feels right, get ready to pull your cards in a manner that works best for you. Some readers prefer picking the first three cards off of the top of the deck, while others prefer splitting the deck. Personally, I read jumpers which are cards that jump out while shuffling for the message. I strongly suggest focusing on asking your deck for three cards that can help you better understand how Mercury retrograde will play a part in your life over the next few weeks. 

Now that you have your three cards, the order in which they came out is how they should be read. The first card represents the main obstacle you will face during this transit. It can represent the challenges that may arise, and who you could even deal with. If it’s a major arcana card, then you could assume that the retrograde obstacles are fairly significant in your life. Then the second card will indicate the overall lesson from the retrograde. When you consider the position of the second card, ask yourself what you can take away from it. Whatever you can take away from the card will likely be the lesson you can take away from the transit. Finally, the third card can be your advice for getting through Mercury retrograde! Tap into the wisdom of your third card. Apply the third card’s truths as your guidance throughout Mercury retrograde!

The three-card spread could even be used twice for this Mercury retrograde as it’s a dual retrograde! Mercury retrograde begins in Gemini then regresses into Taurus. So, you could do this spread twice to decipher how each part of the retrograde will pan out! Plus, if tarot isn’t your jam, this spread could be used with any other deck of your choosing.

What did you get as you shuffled? Let me know in the comments, or shoot me a message on Instagram @the__crone! I’m curious to see and can help you interpret as needed.

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