All About Mars Retrograde

Hold up, wait a minute! Life is coming to a screeching halt on the 9th when Mars stations Retrograde in Aries. The planet of stamina and energy is now contained in regressive retrograde energy. This two month Rx period is one of re-course. Where is Mars Rx asking us to redirect?

A Crash Course on Mars

First, let’s get an idea of the planet as a forward moving energy before thinking of it in its regressed state. Mars is a minor Malefic, a complementary Lover planet that is often associated with Venus. As a minor Malefic, this implies that the overall power is inherently negative. Mars doesn’t have the same negative prowess as Saturn does, but Mars still has potential to cause trouble. Like the god himself, Mars is the planet of War. Mars is often associated with stamina, energy, aggression, anger, vulnerability, and lust. The placement of Mars is where we draw our assertive power from. This is the energy of courageous conquest. In traditional astrology, Mars is the primary ruler of Aries and the secondary ruler of Scorpio. The House associated with Mars is the 1st House of the Self. The duality associated with Mars is Masculine energy.

Whatever sign Mars is in in a birth chart shows how you assert yourself in every day ventures, but also specifically with your anger, aspirations, and sexuality. Mars is going to present as your overall energy. It’s machismo. Wherever Mars is in your Houses, this implies focused exertion on this sector of life. For example, if Mars is in your 1st House of the Self, you may inherently come across as a powerful, yet aggressive figure. It’s likely others sense you’re assertive in the way you speak and act, especially if you come across as initially combative. Regardless of the House placement, Mars will stir the pot in this area of life.

Even though Mars likes to come across as a “Don’t fuck with ME” energy, keep in mind that this planet also extremely vulnerable. Remember that sexual exploration and rage come from an inherently raw, true place. Mars also rules initial instinct, which tries to come across as overly confident but is still vulnerable because its rooted in hope. Mars, although straightforward, is still an emotionally complex planet.

Mars Rx: Pumping the Brakes

When Mars stations Retrograde in its primary sign, Aries, this is calling for a period of reflection. It’s time to rethink, review, revise any matters of undiluted aggression, unprocessed anger, the relationship with lust/sex, and impulsivity. It’s truly as time that calls for us to think before we act.

This is an extremely difficult Rx as Mars in Aries is provocative pioneer spirit. So, as it’s regressing, there’s an overall feeling of agitation. The self-containment is an unknown pace for Mars. The feeling stagnancy is going to bring on some short fuses, frustration, and restrictive action. It’s like the astrological equivalent of pumping the brakes.

Here’s the thing about Mars Rx – pumping the breaks is necessary to review the course of action thus far. Mars likes to be carnally impulsive, going off of gut feelings on a whim, especially in the sign of Aries. So, in retrograde, the stagnancy ought to be welcomed. Mars Rx is calling to review how we react. This can be calling for us to think about how we react in moments of anger or frustration. It can be calling for revising how we express anger. It can be the call to think ahead before diving into a venture head first. It can point to how we react in lustful moments. In essence, it’s time to think about the potential cause we’re fighting for.

Mars Rx is the re-evaluation of what molehill or mountain is worth dying on. These next two months is examining what we’re fighting for. What’s the basis for the fight? Is the fight going to be potentially beneficial in the long run? Is the fight for the greater good or is it coming from a place of ego? Is this fight going to make me a better person? Is it even worth it?

The fight for the individual will greatly depend on the House(s) Mars is retrograding in. Whatever sector of life is affected, it’s one that needs to come to a screeching halt before any more decisions should be made. While paused, we can then begin to examine all facets of the fight, which leaves room to strategize. Mars Rx can help us fine-tune the path or action. Mars Rx can call for extreme re-direction. Hell, by the end of this Rx period, some may find that their battles weren’t even worth starting in the first place.

Unfortunately, Mars is still an egocentric planet. The “What about me?” energy is tenfold in retrograde, as Mars Rx is going to call for some serious personal evaluation. Mars Rx is going to be an inherently selfish period. But selfishness is needed to consider all personal facets of any impending ventures. In other words, welcome the selfishness. It will serve you in the long-run.

While retrograding, expect to feel stifled. Mars Rx will feel like screaming underwater. The build-up of regret, agitation, anger, and resentment is going to be mentally overwhelming. A major key to not letting it bubble over is working through it first in solitude. Mars Rx can be worked through with exercise, healthy re-direction of anger, and meditation. Move your body when you’re feeling stifled. Redirect your anger through exercise, hobbies, creative endeavors, or something that is wholly more fulfilling. Express your frustration in a productive manner. “I” statements could be a great way to communicate personal anger to someone. If you’re going to vent, do so in a non-destructive or non-harmful manner. Journaling can also be a great tool for venting. If you can help it, avoid the petty arguments and snarky commentary. Easier said than done.

Key Dates

  • September 9: Mars enters Rx in Aries
  • September 26 – October 2: Mars Rx squares Saturn Rx/direct (Learn more here about the transit)
  • October 6 – 12: Mars Rx squares Pluto (Do I stay or do I go?)
  • Ocotber 17 – 21: Mars Rx squares Jupiter (What’s the move? Is it time to embrace a new course of direction?)
  • November 9: Mars Rx opposes Venus (The Lover planets are fighting! Us versus Me energy)
  • November 13: Mars is now direct in Aries

Final Thoughts

On a collective note, Mars Rx is going to amp up social unrest. Consider Uranus Rx in Taurus, Mars Rx in Aries, then the impending Mercury Rx in Scorpio over the next two months. Uranus Rx is calling for collective change in society. As this is in Taurus, this is slow yet steady change that will reflect in societal values and the economy. Mars Rx is the desire for change, but done in a radical manner. Mars Rx is going to rev up Uranus Rx, calling for brash, bold action when slow-moving endeavors lack fruition. Now take Mercury Rx in Scorpio into account. It’s time to unearth the truth, to shine light on all that is hidden. Freudian slips, if you will. And guess what? All of this is occuring during election season. Do you see what I see?

This particular election season is going to be major because of all societal issues are coming to head. The cry for social reform and justice will come tenfold. The truth between politics and the humanitarian efforts will be revealed. The desire for change through taking up action will come out. Don’t be surprised if huge social movements and outings pick up again. Rioting could ensue, especially following political debates and televised speeches. Keep in mind that the USA in particular is going through a Pluto Return. Retrograde season is not only welcoming, but also stabilizing the immense change in society.

After all, Mars Rx can be summarized in two questions; What’s the fight? And is it worth it?

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