September Forecast

Consider August the breath of fresh air we all needed before plunging into the abyss that is September. Super dire sounding – I know. But September is a roller coaster of sorts. September is going to kick off strong, and end on a semi-softer note. Into the abyss we go!

Major Transits

September’s wild ride begins on the 2nd with a Full Moon in Pisces. Full Moons are the time to reflect the journey thus far from the last New Moon in the same sign. So, in essence, roughly a 6-month reflection from the New Moon in Pisces that was back in the end of February. The Full Moon in Pisces is going to be an emotional period. Your dreams may be overwhelmingly vivid, with past connections and places are the focal point in the dreams. The veil to the spirit realm may be thin as well. Under the Full Moon, it’s mainly time to reflect on how you’ve grown in your emotional processes, your intuition, your psychic senses, and if you’ve mastered overcoming any escapist tendencies. Wherever the Full Moon is in your Houses, this is also where Neptune Retrograde is transiting. For some, there could be a huge intrinsic or extrinsic truth revealed in the beginning of September.

On September 5th, Mercury enters the sign of Libra. With Mercury now in Libra, there’s an eloquent charm to conversations. Mercury in Libra can be great for mediating conflict, especially in the pre-shadow end of Mars Retrograde. This Mercurial transit has a devil’s advocate stance when it comes to conversing, so this may come across as the inability to make a decision or pick a side. Mercury in Libra has a naturally flirty nature, so conversing may come easier than usual, especially in newer social scenes or with newer connections. This can be a great time to begin entertaining new prospective partners – both romantic and professional!

Shortly after, Venus enters Leo on the 6th! Venus in Leo is a confident, bold pursuer in all areas of life. When it comes to romance and love, expect to feel emboldened. You may want to show off your romantic partner/relationship. You may feel an urge to shower loved ones in gifts, quality time, and words of affirmation. Wherever this falls in your Houses, know that you can expect to stand stall, confidently, and go forward with dignity. Venus in Leo is all about upholding integrity while in pursuit of something or someone they loved.

On the 9th, Mars stations Retrograde in its ruling sign, Aries. Holy. Shit. Mars Rx in Aries is going to force us to rethink, review, revise our relationships with anger, frustration, stamina, energy, sexual chemistry, and immaturity. Mars Rx is going to feel like a ticking time bomb in Aries. Expect anger to combust out of almost nowhere, and over nothing. Under this Rx, expect to feel agitated. You’re going to have a ton of energy, emotion, and the stamina but feel like you lack an outlet for it. As your emotional self feels buried in turbulence, it’ll be difficult to maintain composure. After all, Mars Rx is going to give us a non-existent patience and tolerance. The best way to survive Mars Rx is through moving your body. If you can’t physically work on something, or express your emotional self, get your body moving instead. In order to get through Mars Rx with as little blow-outs as possible, re-direct your energy. Wherever Mars Rx is transiting your House, know you’re going to feel inherently frustrated with aspects of that House. It’s time to heal any old-age wounds in that House by working through your frustration in a productive manner. On a collective note, keep in mind that the social justice outcry is going to begin increasing volume. The population as a whole is going to feel fed up. This is alluding to being annoyed with the lack of change, lack of justice, and overall stagnancy in major socio-political movements. Combine this with Uranus Rx, and expect the mass need for change to begin boiling.

Luckily Jupiter stations direct in Capricorn on the 12th! One more Rx down, several to go. With the benefic Teacher Planet now direct, expect forward movement. Jupiter is all about expansion, abundance, and prosperity. But keep in mind that luck can always turn on a dime. Whatever venture, outlet, or passion project that you’ve been pouring yourself into, expect it to begin taking off. This is characterized by the House Jupiter is transiting in. On a collective note, there’s going to be forward movement in the economy to some degree. This can allude to an upcoming time where relief programs are seen as beneficial in the long-run, or the economy gradually begins to pick up. Maybe some local mom & pop stores are finding that they can finally re-open. It may be the time where many are able to get away from relying on unemployment benefits because there are more job opportunities available. Jupiter in Capricorn can also allude to methodical collective evolvement. It can point to how the actions we take now improve our society in the long-run. But said affects may not be noticeable for weeks, months, even years. Regardless of how instant or slow-moving the evolvement is, Jupiter in Capricorn encourages society to keep improving in favor of the futuristic goals. All things – good and bad – come into fruition in its due time.

It’s time to begin planning ahead under the New Moon in Virgo on the 17th. New Moons mean new cycles, new opportunities, new intentions. It’s bright, expansive, and exciting! This is the ideal time to begin planning ahead for the next 6 months about what you’d like to accomplish. With this being in Virgo, there’s a desire for order, diligence, and productivity. Virgo has a focused energy that knows where to re-direct attention to the ventures that matter most. Under this New Moon in Virgo, two major things will come into focus for improvement – work and health. Set intentions to improve your work-life, to pursue a desired career path, to begin working on a career-related goal, such as a promotion. Set intentions to balance your diet, have a productive relationship with health, to exercise more, and to get a grip on stress. Wherever the New Moon is in your Houses, make a point to set intentions to bring order and responsibility to that House.

Happy Libra Season! The Sun enters Libra on the 22nd, which officially moves us into the dark side of astrology and latter half of the Zodiac modality. This is the true half-way point in the astrological year. Libra is a cardinal, masculine air sign that is denoted by the Scales, rules the 7th House, and is predominantly ruled by Venus. As a cardinal sign, this is all about initiation. Because of its masculine duality, the need to initiate is assertive and confident. With the air as the ruling element, the initiative side is social, balanced, and harmonious. As Libra is ruled by Venus, this can be a prime-time to connect on a social level with coworkers, friends, and loved ones. Given the state of the world, Libra Season can remind us how important and fulfilling our connections are. You may be more inclined to reach out during Libra Season. Within your means and comfort, don’t be afraid to initiate conversation. Apply for that job, message that coworker on LinkedIn for career advice, download Tinder, have a Zoom bar crawl with friends. No matter the circumstances, make your social life a priority again. There’s a certain charm and eloquence to Libra Season which makes social interactions irresistible. The ball is definitely in your court!

On the 26th until the end of the month, Mars Rx in Aries will be squaring Saturn [Rx] in Capricorn. Square aspects occur when two celestial bodies are in signs that share the same modality (cardinal, fixed, mutable) but differ in elements. In this transit, the 90 degrees angle is formed as a cardinal square between two planets who are in their traditional ruling signs. Mars in Aries is pure instinct, initiation, drive, and life force. Saturn in Capricorn is karmic lessons used as silver linings as means to mature. Both planets have this innate desire to improve, to control, and to forge forward. But they differ in style of doing so. So, in a square aspect, there’s this weird tug and pull between being contained and acting out. Saturn is going to want to take pause, to consider all avenues and consequences of such before acting. Mars is going to want to dive in, do whatever it wants and figure out the rest later. Because of this square aspect, there’s going to be a feeling of agitation and combustion. This transit can be encapsulated as the straw that breaks the camel’s back. For the first three days of this transit, both Mars and Saturn are in Retrograde. The feeling of being held back or contained are felt ten-fold. The Retrograde imposes the immediate need to rethink, review, revise before acting! So, it would be wise to sit with whatever you’re thinking and feeling instead of acting on it at this time. It’s not necessarily ignoring whatever is occurring. It’s more like taking pause to think about how to handle the situation in the most productive, positive manner. On the 29th, Saturn stations direct which means that if there have been any unnecessary emotional blow-outs or raging, it’ll unfold karmically. Likewise, if you’ve managed to maintain composure, that will also unfold karmically. Saturn direct will be ideal for this tense transit as it can lessen the feeling of stagnancy, restriction, and boundaries. Saturn can help direct the Mars Rx energy into a more productive, thorough manner.

On the 27th, Mercury leaves peaceful Libra for the magnetic, intense Scorpio. Mercury in Scorpio is secretive, transformative communication. With this transit in mind, it’s a cautionary tale of not showing all of your cards at once. Keep some secrets at bay. If you’re going to express an innate desire, wish, or venture, do so with confidants. Withhold letting everyone know about any plans that are in the works. The less input you have from every angle, the better off you’ll be. Under Mercury in Scorpio, conversations may be far and few in-between, but extremely intense as each one comes and goes. The conversations may be laden with psychological insight, blunt truth, and even sexual intentions. Each conversation may leave you feeling emotionally drained, but mentally awakened. The energy of this transit can be borderline psychic. Your bullshit antenna may be up and on guard. If something feels off, or misleading in conversation, follow that instinct. Trust your gut under this Mercurial transit.

The final major transit of September is when Saturn stations direct in Capricorn on the 29th. Old man Father Time is done unleashing karma. All lessons have been executed, applied, and finished. However, Saturn being direct is going to implore you to find a silver lining in each lesson that was dealt. Appraise each high and low for what it is then move on. Look to the House that is home to Capricorn in your chart to get an idea of where karma was unleashed. With the appraisal of each lesson, Jupiter is going assist in moving you forward. Don’t make old man Saturn teach you the same lesson twice.

The Dates

  • 9/2 Full Moon in Pisces
  • 9/5 Mercury (direct) enters Libra
  • 9/6 Venus (direct) enters Leo
  • 9/9 Mars stations Retrograde in Aries
  • 9/12 Jupiter is now direct in Capricorn
  • 9/17 New Moon in Virgo
  • 9/22 Sun moves into Libra – Happy Libra Season!
  • 9/26 Mars Rx squares Saturn Rx (continues through rest of September)
  • 9/27 Mercury (direct) enters Scorpio
  • 9/29 Saturn is now direct in Capricorn

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