Random Readings: Lisa

Rare multi-planetary aspects, several natal retrogrades, and all for a Gemini Sun?! Sounds about right. We’re ringing in our FOURTH installment with Lisa, who was born in UFA, Russia on 06/03/1999 at 09:00 AM. Lisa’s chart is below!

Personal Planets

Sun As a Gemini Sun, Lisa is first ruled by Mercury and her sun sign can be characterized as a mutable, masculine air sign. As a masculine sign, Gemini tends to project outwards – typically through communication, speech, banter, and asking questions. As a mutable sign, Gemini is very easy-going, almost flighty. Gemini’s are hard to pin down, as they go from thing to thing, subject to subject at an alarmingly rapid rate. Why? MERCURY! Mercury for Gemini produces this flighty character who loses interest rapidly, which causes a Gemini Sun to leave suddenly if the situation/content/class/friend/whatever isn’t intellectually stimulating. As a Mercurial sign, Gemini’s like to be on the move and find that few subjects can hold long-term interest. Gemini’s like to know a bit of everything – a “jack of all trades, master of none”. This can account for rapid shifting of topics when conversing with a Gemini. Gemini tend to bounce from topic to topic because their minds are always on the go, so their mouths tend to keep up (classic Mercurial power). As an air sign, Gemini are hard to pin down. They tend to move swiftly, never staying in one place or topic for too long. This can maybe allude to the stigma of Gemini’s being flakey or unreliable. In reality, Gemini’s are just trying to find their intellectually stimulating niche in this world, so they won’t slow down until they find it. As the sign of the Twins, Gemini’s also bear the bad rap of being “two-faced”. They are indeed two-faced… but not in a catty, gossipy way (although many Gemini’s do enjoy a good debate to flex their intellect and mental abilities). Gemini’s have two faces for the varying sectors of their lives. As a mutable sign, Gemini will easily adapt and conform to what the situation at hand calls for. This can account for the dynamic, varying personality of a Gemini. So, their two faces are really their public and private faces. The public face is adaptable, witty, conversational. The public face will mold itself to the people and situation, adjusting as needed. The private face is still witty, full of banter, and also easy-going. But the private face is more stagnant and steadfast because this is the face Gemini’s show to those who really know them. If you get to see the true private face of a Gemini, then you’re in luck! This means the Gemini won’t feel the need to constantly change around you.

Moon As the Moon rules and is exalted in Cancer, it falls detriment in Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and is the cardinal, masculine earth sign embodied as a sea-goat. This is not the most auspicious or harmonious placement for a Moon sign. When the Moon is stationed in Capricorn, there may be a great deal of emotional instability. Capricorn likes to be the BOSS, and prefers to be portrayed as strong. So, emotional vulnerability may not come easily to a Cap Moon. This may cause tension, stress, and frustration if the Moon sign is immature. Lisa will have to do a great deal of shadow work to become comfortable with being vulnerable, emotionally available, and more importantly, recognizing emotionality as yet another strength as opposed to a weakness. With that being said, Cap Moon has a lot to offer! This is a cardinal placement who will be forthright and upfront with what’s going on. Lisa will find that she may easily maneuver tackling the difficult conversations, or bringing the Truth to light due to this placement. The Gemini Sun will help facilitate said conversations. Lisa’s Moon will also give that Gemini Sun great stability, ambition, and drive. Gemini Suns can be too stretched out over too many subjects and projects. The Capricorn Moon will remind the Gemini Sun to see it through, and to do it well. A Capricorn Moon will also be hailed as a logical, rational sign as this Moon placement is in Saturn. This means that Lisa is greatly aware of time, ethics, morality, and accountability. Again, this adds some much-needed stability to a mutable Gemini Sun. A Cap Moon also indicates having or being known as an “old soul”. We can accredit that energy to the Saturian influence.

Mercury Mercury in Gemini is exalted! At home with its ruling planet, a Mercury Gemini is a great conversationalist. Lisa may be known for her witty banter, quick jokes, intellectual conversations, and/or expansive knowledge. This is a placement that maneuvers conversations easily, often having an opinion, fact, or joke to input. This is also a placement who may be known to “talk the talk” without ever walking the walk. A Gemini Mercury prides itself on knowing a little bit about everything, hence the “jack of all trades, master of none” reference earlier. This infers that the Gemini Merc. can hold any conversation, but also uses its mutable powers to dip out of one topic and onto the next when the Gemini Merc. has nothing more to offer or say. Its mutability allows for an expansive conversation – a conversation that starts with the weather and somehow, you’re all now talking about some weird conspiracy theory. A Gemini Mercury also infers great intellect. This is a placement that isn’t afraid to ask “why?” or do the research. But this can also account for fleeting interests. It’s quite possible that Lisa has/had fleeting obsessions where she watched/read/talked about one subject incessantly, but lost interest when something better came along. Because of the mutable and air combo, this can allude to great mental rapport.

Venus Venus in Cancer is a kind, caring, nurturing partner, friend, and acquaintance. Cancer Venus alludes to a great emotional depth, which is always at odds with the Cap Moon. This may infer that Lisa may feel deeply and intuitively about a partnership (business/platonic/romantic/sexual), but may choose to ignore it, rationalize it, or make logic of it instead of just feeling the emotions. Cancer Venus opposes Cap Moon, which can infer a great emotional instability in the area of Partnerships… Be wary of overdoing or underdoing it. A Cancer Venus is forthright in love and partnerships, thanks to its cardinal modality. It’s not afraid to ask for emotional depth and vulnerability from its partners. However, this is still the crab, so side-stepping and acting passive-aggressively may occur within the relationship, particularly within the emotional components of said relationship. Cancer is also deeply intuitive, so they typically have an idea of what’s going on in a relationship. This intuition may be stifled or squashed by the Cap Moon who wants to find a logical, rational reason for everything. Listen to your gut feeling, Cancers know what’s up! Something kind of weird to point out is that the Cancer Venus is 2 degrees away from the critical 29th degree. This infers that Lisa may have weird, unexplainable rushes to find a partner, which just happens to come and go easily. It’s not quite at the full power because it’s not 29 degrees. But, that doesn’t mean that Lisa doesn’t hear the faint clock ticking in the areas of partnerships every now and again. Lastly, the Cancer Venus is deeply empathetic with their partners. Boundaries are key to forming healthy partnerships… The Capricorn Moon will help form and stabilize the boundaries Cancer Venus needs in love, friendship, and business partnerships.

Mars With Mars in Libra, this is another detriment placement. Mars rules Aries, which is Libra’s polar opposite. So, whenever a sign is in its opposing sign’s ruling planet, the overall energy is detriment. Libra Mars is a cardinal, feminine air placement. The feminine energy receives, so a Libra Mars will not be quick to put out angry, assertive vibes (unlike that Cap Moon who wants to). Libra Mars is still cardinal, so a Libra Mars will navigate a fight, a tumultuous situation, aggression, and anger… eventually. Libra is the scales, so balance is necessary. But a Libra Mars in a natal retrograde may hesitate to take action. In reality, taking action is often necessary to maintain peace and balance – a lesson an Rx Libra Mars will need to learn. Pick and choose your fights wisely, and look to the Capricorn Moon for help. As far as aggression and assertion goes, a Libra Mars will not be the first to be angry, assertive, or combative. This may tick off the Cap Moon/Gemini placements, who will want to debate and be right. When it comes to sex, an Rx Libra Mars may be indecisive. They may ponder, wait, and hesitate on who to be with, if it’s right, will it last, etc. An Rx Libra Mars may also be inclined to be more sexual, as if overcompensating for the inward retrograde energies. Again, balance is key – especially when it comes to sex. Ultimately, a Libra Mars will yearn for companionship, which will be coupled with Cancer Venus. The Cap Moon/Gemini will want to be independent. The Cancer Venus/Libra Mars will want to be with someone, bordering on co-dependent. The Libra Mars will teach Lisa balance in the area of partnerships… particularly learning boundaries, maintaining independence within relationships, and keeping the Self separate from the Relationship. However, this can all be achieved by first achieving a successful, healthy, loving relationship with the Self first.

Chart Stats Lisa’s overall stats for her planets in her chart can account for her masculine energy, a heavy air disposition, and a cardinal front. However, she has an even split of fixed and mutable signs as well, which is also prominent energy in the chart. Lisa lacks feminine placements, and is especially low on water signs. She has one natal Rx in her core planets, and three natal Rx’s in her outer planets. No critical degrees are associated with her planets.

Ascendant & Midheaven

Ascendant (Rising/First House) With her Rising in Cancer, Lisa’s first impression on the world may be hard to crack but will eventually yield an emotional, vulnerable, empathetic, compassionate, and moody disposition. A Cancer Rising is a cardinal sign, so she’ll appear to have leader tendencies at first glance. She may also appear to be feminine, emotional, and empathetic. A Cancer Rising may be an individual who finds that they befriend people with problems very easily thanks to their empathetic and caring nature. Lisa’s Rising opposes her Cap Moon, so she may appear one way on the outside and feel the exact opposite on the inside. However, this is still the crab we’re talking about here. So, although the emotional aspect will be there, the crab will also aim to protect itself by side-stepping and trying to remain aloof. But that sweet Cancer nature will always want to break through that tougher, outer shell.

Midheaven (Tenth House) With the MC in Pisces, Lisa’s later life personality that she will mature into will be intuitive, empathetic, emotional, vulnerable, dreamy, influential, unstable, and easy-going. A Pisces MC may infer not having a one true career or job. Pisces MC go with wherever the wind takes them, so instability may ensue later in life. However, Jupiter is in the MC, so great opportunities for luck, expansion, freedom, learning, and travel will be present. This is perfect for a flighty, mutable Pisces MC and Gemini Sun. However, Pisces MC may be “out to lunch” or wears the “rose-colored glasses”. Pisces MC won’t be grounded in reality for long, so healthy boundaries are needed. Through boundaries, the Pisces MC can find their true calling and desire in life in themselves. A Pisces MC will master the fine art of letting go, without ever letting go of themselves completely. This can come in the form of sobriety (Pisces/Neptune is prone to addictive tendencies), philosophy, art, and emotional vulnerability. One last thing to note, between this placement and the Cap Moon, Lisa is definitely an old soul.

Anything Else?

Lisa didn’t indicate any questions, comments, or concerns in her submission. But Lisa’s chart is super special because she has a plethora of uncommon multi-planetary aspects in her chart. For reference, this is her chart:

X marks the spot… on Lisa! Within her chart, she has TWO Grand Trines, one Kite, and the infamous GRAND CROSS (a.k.a. Grand Square)! While all rare, potent, and powerful, I want to breakdown that Grand Cross/Square. Why? Because this is the dreaded astrological aspect that marks great difficulties, conflicts, upheavals, weaknesses, and more. So, let’s attempt to break down her infamous Grand Cross, shall we?

A Grand Cross/Square (pictured above) is a rare cardinal Grand Cross. This means that all signs within this multi-planetary aspect share the same modality – cardinal. Other than that, each part of the Grand Cross opposes another part, hence, the Grand Cross. Mars in Libra opposes Jupiter in Aries, then the Moon in Capricorn opposes the Venus/Rising in Cancer. This can point to great difficulty, upheaval, tension, frustration, anger, and even feeling torn between the First Impression (Rising), Sex/Aggression/Anger (Mars), the Emotional Self (Moon), Partnerships/Love (Venus), and Expansion/Freedom/Philosophy (Jupiter).

Not to sound like a Debby Downer, but Grand Crosses are dubbed the worst multi-planetary aspect to have. These are core aspects of the self that greatly oppose and disagree with other core aspects. This can often ensue frustration and anger, even self-loathing. But, let’s think back to the modality – cardinal. Lisa has the leadership tendencies prominent in her chart and this aspect. So, she has the natural vigor and drive to make it work. She also has all oppository signs. So, an immature individual with a Grand Cross will find great discomfort within the Grand Cross. But a mature individual can call upon all strengths within the Grand Cross. “As within, so without” should be thought of when looking at the opposing signs within the Grand Cross. Lisa has every complimentary opposing cardinal sign, so she has every strength of each sign (which would also be the weakness of the opposing sign). In other words, a cardinal Grand Cross may just be a blessing in disguise. A Grand Cross can be unlucky if left unnoticed, or untreated… it can also be extremely powerful. Understand the weaknesses of each sign, utilize the strengths the signs have to offer one another. Oppository aspects can be oppositional or complimentary… it’s up to you, Lisa.

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