Weekly Transit Watch for September 25 to October 1, 2022

The week begins with a new moon in Libra on Sunday, September 25. New moons begin a new cycle or chapter that will unfold over the next six months. Consider this the perfect time to manifest or set intentions! Since the new moon is in lovely Libra, you may find that you are becoming more aware of your commitments, relationships, partners, agreements, and even contracts throughout this time. Ideally, you are engaging in reciprocal arrangements, ones that are fair and just. However, the people–pleasing aspect of Libra may come through, especially if you air on the side of codependency. Companionship can certainly enhance your life, but you must use the balance of the scales to ensure that each commitment is equal. Focus on prioritizing your harmony during this cycle, and you will not fail!

A day later, Venus in Virgo will trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn and conjunct Mercury retrograde in Virgo. Aside from this, the sun in Libra will oppose Jupiter retrograde in Aries.

The trine between the fallen love goddess and the regressing CEO of the underworld could become earth-shattering! Venus is looking to critique as a means to improve, especially in love and money. So, the undertone of the tiny but mighty Pluto retrograde could enhance this quality to the point of obsession. Uncovering or unlocking information pertinent to the commitment at hand is dire. Be mindful of acting out of obsession or jealousy during this trine. You can go deeper than ever before without getting swept up in the intensity of this trine. 

Luckily, the conjunction may allude to what needs to come to light in your commitments. Mercury retrograde has a funny way of airing everyone’s business unpredictably. Freudian slips, receiving the wrong message meant for someone else, actions not matching intentions, and more. So, prepare to receive information that may make or break an arrangement in a roundabout way. Considering these two Venusian transits, it would be best to avoid dwelling on something if you can help it. 

Aside from these earthy transits, the opposition between the fallen ego and the regressing major benefic could pose a little positivity. Although Jupiter is stationed retrograde, there is potential to air on the side of optimism. The opposition enhances a “me” versus “we” mindset, suggesting that this is the opportunity to consider who is aligned with our personal pursuits and exploration. Who can teach us, take us further than ever before, and expand our horizons? Moving forward with independent goals or ambitions may require a little more help than expected!

Then Mercury retrograde in Virgo will trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn on Tuesday, September 27. With these two finally meeting after Venus aspecting each planet individually, there is an opportunity to rethink, review, and revise information that has been presented throughout the second half of Mercury retrograde. Extreme Pluto retrograde will go to incredible lengths to uncover something that has been hidden, giving Mercury retrograde the perspective it may need. But given the retrogrades, it would be best to prepare for this information to come out unexpectedly!

Shortly after, Mars in Gemini will trine Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, and Pallas in Cancer trines Juno retrograde in Pisces.

With the two malefic planets in harmony, there is potential to revise the course of actions and everything that entails. Divergent Mars is considering more than a few avenues as its curiosity runs amuck while Saturn retrograde is currently reconsidering what it will be accountable for and the corresponding structure associated with each responsibility. Since these two are working together, there is potential to reposition yourself in your current journey. Be assertive with the pursuits that feel unique and individualistic! Aside from this, there is the potential to own what you may have said out of aggression or anger. Assume responsibility for your actions!

Meanwhile, the intuitive asteroid will give a little bit of context to the regressing asteroid. Pallas can help Juno retrograde see who is worth their stuff in romantic relationships. Ideally, Juno retrograde is uncovering the escapist tendencies, delusions, and confusions surrounding romantic partners. However, Pallas can give Juno retrograde a little more information about how to uncover pertinent information about the alignment with a romantic partner. Do not be afraid to take your intuitive cues and gut feelings as the sign you have been looking for!

Venus will leave its fallen state a day later! Now domicile in Libra, Venus is operating beautifully and peacefully. Venus in Libra is the best time to weigh the pros and cons of commitments, love, partners, style choices, and financial decisions. Keeping your checks and balances can allow you to explore your best option with a level-headed perspective. However, do not be surprised if you feel more indecisive than usual as the domicile love goddess can become wrapped up with what to choose to be seen in a graceful light.

While Venus makes its ingress, Ceres will also enter Virgo. Now in Virgo, Ceres is ready to nurture our communication skills, analysis of information, healthy habits, schedules, routines, and diet. Ceres in Virgo is the perfect time to revitalize your lifestyle! It might be a great time to do a hard reset on your diet, like cutting all junk food and focusing on eating clean. You could use Ceres to edit your habits, such as going to bed earlier to get a full eight hours or reducing your screen time to spend more time reading a book or being outdoors. It might also be helpful to use this transit to refocus our mindsets to avoid going down a mental rabbit hole of analysis paralysis. Consider this ingress like the Nine of Pentacles in tarot. 

Finally, the end of our week and the beginning of October is highlighted by Venus in Libra opposing Jupiter retrograde in Aries. With the benefits representing both ends of the Aries-Libra axis, there is an emphasis on the influence of our commitments and partnerships on our personal journeys. Ideally, whatever or whoever we commit to should further our personal growth, expansion, and luck. But we may need to reconsider what we bring into our journeys to ensure that we are working within fair, harmonious partnerships. Focus on the arrangements that will elevate you! 

Weekly Transit Watch

  • September 25 – New Moon in Libra
  • September 26 – Venus in Virgo trines Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, Venus in Virgo conjunct Mercury retrograde in Virgo, Sun in Libra opposes Jupiter retrograde in Aries
  • September 27 – Mercury retrograde in Virgo trines Pluto retrograde in Capricorn
  • September 28 – Mars in Gemini trines Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, Pallas in Cancer trines Juno retrograde in Pisces
  • September 29 – Venus enters Libra, Ceres enters Virgo
  • October 1 – Venus in Libra opposes Jupiter retrograde in Aries

Weekly Horoscopes


Are you ready to commit, Aries? The new moon in Libra begins a new cycle with your commitments and relationships, encouraging you to be open to the potential of working with a partner. Romance, professional success, and more can come from companionship, especially when Venus enters Libra later in the week. 


Harmony is attainable under the new moon in Libra. Don’t you deserve to live a peaceful, balanced life, Taurus? Manifest a new cycle of serenity in and out of work. Since Venus is entering Libra later on, you should commit to people who bring tranquility and beauty to your life.


You deserve to live a life full of joy, pleasure, and love, Gemini! It is time to prioritize your happiness and love life over the next six months, starting with the new moon in Libra. You can use Venus’s ingress into Libra later this week to take action with your creative endeavors and sensual opportunities.


Pacify your home and family, Cancer. The new moon in Libra encourages domestic harmony over the next six months, which will have you weighing the pros and cons of addressing frustrations with those in your personal life. Luckily, you can smooth over any stressors when Venus enters Libra later this week. 


Are you ready to be the devil’s advocate, Leo? A new cycle of communication begins under the new moon in Libra. You will need to pick and choose how often you mediate your discussions over the six months. Since Venus is entering Libra later on, you should focus on reciprocal communicative exchanges.


Financial harmony is coming your way, Virgo! Set the intention to manifest abundance and reciprocal opportunities during the new moon in Libra. New possibilities that speak to your values and desire for security may come sooner than expected since Venus will enter Libra toward the end of this week.


Relish in your beauty, Libra! You have a wonderful opportunity to improve your self-image and self-perception while the new moon is in your sign. The next six months may make you feel more attractive than usual, especially with your planetary ruler, Venus, entering your sign at the end of the week. 


How can you feel at peace with your secret self, Scorpio? The new moon in Libra will plunge you into a six-month cycle of introspection as you mull over your subconscious views of beauty, romance, and partnership. With Venus entering Libra shortly after, you should weigh the pros and cons of these aspects.


Everyone is going to want to be around you, Sagittarius! With the new moon in Libra opening a new cycle of networking, you are about to be busy connecting with new friends on and offline over the next six months. Luckily, Venus entering Libra will encourage you to focus on reciprocal arrangements before anything else. 


Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who elevate your status, Capricorn. It is time to associate yourself with beautiful, fair individuals during the new moon in Libra. Since Venus is entering Libra shortly after, you should commit to undoubtedly successful opportunities to beautify your reputation. 


This way or that way, Aquarius? There are so many potential adventures or paths to explore under the new moon in Libra. With Venus entering Libra later in the week, you may feel like it is time to commit to experiences that will enhance your soul’s journey and overall development.


There is power in intimacy, Pisces. Being emotionally and mentally vulnerable with your closest companions is the greatest resource you could share under the new moon in Libra. Since Venus will enter Libra at the end of this week, you will have an opportunity to weigh the pros and cons of who to open up to.

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