Pallas: The Goddess of Strategy

How do you execute your plans? What is your craft? Where do you draw your wisdom from? As you ponder these questions, you may look towards your birth chart for answers. Yes, you can rely on the planets, House placements, and aspects to devise the answers to these questions. But you could also check out your Pallas placement. Pallas, one of the major asteroids to consider in your chart reading, can answer all of these questions and more.

The Mythos

Greek mythology is messy, to say the least. So, it’s no surprise that the mythology of Pallas is convoluted. After all, you could be wondering who Pallas is? The Greek pantheon is fairly large, but Pallas isn’t an immediately recognizable name, unlike Zeus or Aphrodite. Not to mention that Pallas seems to be a fairly common name give to male figures throughout Greek mythology, so again, it’s not as definitive as the one, almighty Zeus. However, the most common Pallas mythos is connected to Athena.

Born (erupted?) from the head of Zeus, Lady Athena, adorned in armor, leaped from his skull with a battle cry. It was such an insane birth that it even scared Uranus (2). Luckily, Zeus was delighted with his new warring child! However, unlike half-brother Ares, Athena isn’t vicious despite being known as a goddess of war. Athena doesn’t advocate violent warfare like Ares, but instead, champions for strategic warfare. Not only does she represent strategy, but she also represents wisdom, virginity, and even peace. Additionally, Athena is associated with artistic craft, intuition, negotiation, and justice.

But before Athena was involved in the Trojan War, she had to become skilled in the art of war. Naturally, Zeus sent her to Lake Tritonis where she schooled with a childhood friend named Pallas, a nymph. Together, they honed their craft for conflict, learning what the art of war was and how to be victorious in it. As they developed together, it became apparent that they were equal in skills to one another, especially in brandishing spears and martial arts. This is where the story gets somewhat messy.

According to some sources, Lady Athena and nymph Pallas were practicing their martial arts. Although equally skilled, Athena managed to accidentally strike Pallas down with her spear. However, other sources indicate that these two friends had an egregious falling out, which ended their childhood friendship. Scared for his beloved daughter’s safety, Zeus intervened so that Athena could purposefully strike at Pallas. Unfortunately, Athena landed a fatal blow, causing the death of her closest friend. Regardless if the death of Pallas was intentional or not, Athena grieved the loss of her friend as she felt guilty for the nymph’s death. To carry on the memory of her dear friend, Athena took on the nymph’s name, herein known as Pallas Athena or Athena Pallas.

Pallas in Astrology

Pallas isn’t a major planet, like her father Jupiter, but rather a small asteroid. Little lady Pallas orbits between Mars and Jupiter next to Ceres. She tends to be the third-largest asteroid after Vesta and Ceres. In astrology, Pallas Athena represents the qualities of the goddess Athena. After its namesake, Pallas’s astrological symbol is similar to a spear.

First and foremost, Pallas is known for its strategy. Asteroid Pallas represents controlled determinism, defense, and strength – all facets necessary for strategy. Pallas is ready to come up with a game plan! Using all of its resources and talents, Pallas knows how to take considerable action within its means. Skilled in the art of war (or competition), Pallas is in it to win it.

Pallas’s intellect and wisdom are colored by the Zodiac sign it’s in. Like Lady Athena, Pallas has a controlled thoughtfulness. Since Pallas Athena is skilled in the art of war and peace, it does so with knowledge. Mental capacity is highly associated with Pallas as Pallas draws from its inner wisdom to strategize for success. So, realistically, the wisdom and intelligence of the asteroid are considered a controlled weapon, implemented in strategy. It is quite an astute placement!

All of these qualities back up Pallas’s ability to make a decision. Pallas waits to act, using all of its resources appropriately to pass the best judgment. Pallas tends to be the logical asteroid, equipped to find the just outcome that suits everyone. Due to this, Pallas tends to hold itself and others accountable. This asteroid tends to be judicious, so the decision that is implemented tends to be lawful. No matter what, Pallas is determined to solve the problem or find a compromise.

Aside from being a logical asteroid, Pallas Athena also talks about craft and fatherhood! Athena’s mythology extends to an artisan background, so Pallas can represent creativity. One may find their natural artistic talents in their Pallas placement! Pallas can also represent the type of relationship one has with their father or father figure. After all, Athena was the favorite daughter of Zeus, so Pallas can show up as the type of relationship one either has or wants with their father. It can add additional parental context to the Sun, Saturn, and aspects to those two planets.

Finally, since the asteroid sits between Mars and Jupiter, both planets could play a role in Pallas’s representation. Mars’s influence can refer to how Pallas takes action and Jupiter can relate to Pallas’s intellectual capabilities.

The Asteroid Pallas Placements

Pallas in Aries As Pallas reports to Mars in the sign of Aries, this could be a relatively ideal astrological transit. Pallas in Aries is instinctual with strategy. Warfare comes easy to the Martian-ruled Pallas. Although Pallas in Aries desires victory, it could come at the cost of bloodshed. Strategy is tinged by a fierce viciousness, as Pallas in Aries will burn it all down to come out on top. The cost is immeasurable. Pallas in Aries may do best on its own as it may not rely upon anyone else for assistance. Since it is highly independent, Pallas in Aries is both the greatest strength and weakness one could have. After all, there is nobody to blame or congratulate but Pallas in Aries. Like a force of nature, Pallas in Aries will exhaust all efforts to be a winner. Once the war is over, Pallas in Aries can draw its wisdom as an afterthought. It learns best through defeat, dead-end selfishness, being overly self-reliant, and depleting its resources. From there, Pallas in Aries learns how to become a wise, sovereign leader that acts for its own best interest without the “high risk, high rewards” mindset. Pallas in Aries is quickly decisive but learns to differentiate between impulse and instinct over time. However, do not expect Pallas in Aries to compromise easily as the strategic Ram sticks to its guns. The artistic nature of Pallas in Aries is primal, adorned in bold reds and harsh tones. Blunt is the style of choice as Pallas in Aries prefers a sharp creative style. Pallas in Aries’s creations may be warlike, decorated in bones, teeth, and metals. The musical styling of Pallas in Aries is likely archaic, something that calls to the inner warrior or awakens the ancestral line. Hopefully, Pallas in Aries can put its energy into music, so throat singing, drums, metal, and dancing are ideal. The fatherly relationship with Pallas in Aries is likely boyishly masculine. Regardless of how Pallas in Aries presents, the father figure desired a tomboy relationship, complete with sporty rivalry and a reckless abandon for passivity. The father figure can be perceived as competitive as the father figure relentlessly encouraged Pallas in Aries to be triumphant. The relationship could be brash, as the dialogue was likely a debate with tones that aired on the side of aggressiveness. Pallas in Aries learns to be assertive, independent, and even selfish from the father figure. The father figure could be viewed as an angry person, so the relationship could very well be strained with simmering rage. However it may be, Pallas in Aries still desires to be their father figure’s #1.

Pallas in Taurus Pallas shines with Venusian charm in stable Taurus. When Pallas is in Taurus, the Venusian love bleeds through. Peaceful Pallas lazily negotiates warfare and conflict. Disagreements are stalled as Pallas in Taurus ponders its options. If anything, Pallas in Taurus may not feel gun-ho to leap into action. Instead, Pallas in Taurus prefers for conflict to mediate itself. The lazy approach often prolongs progression as Pallas in Taurus would rather wait it out, especially if Pallas in Taurus stubbornly clings to an idea or perception. After all, Pallas in Taurus could refuse negotiations or decisions if it feels like it’s already in the right. So, this fixed Pallas could be difficult to approach as negotiations could have a “my way or the high way” mentality. Luckily, Pallas in Taurus does prefer peace and harmony, so compromise is plausible if a potentially lengthy process. When it comes time to make the call, Pallas in Taurus does so with grounded rhyme and reason. Earthy Taurus is rooted in reality, absorbed by the five senses. So, coming to terms or deciding upon something is usually done in a very realistic, logical manner. Pallas in Taurus may have a black and white mentality, so decisions are level-headed. However, this does not leave room for any gray areas as Pallas in Taurus could have difficulties making an exception or thinking outside of the box. Yet one cannot deny how solid Pallas in Taurus is with their final say. Although warfare isn’t Pallas in Taurus’s strength, crafts are. Since lovely Venus glows in Pallas, allowing it to create something from nothing. Music, art, pottery, and fashion are natural talents. Pallas in Taurus has a Gaia-inspired artistic style, pulling earth tones with simple structures. Depending on aspects to the Third House and Mercury, it could be a musically gifted placement! Finally, the fatherly relationship with Pallas in Taurus is a comforting one. The father figure was likely seen in a more feminine light, potentially as a strong and durable figure in touch with inner grace. The father figure encouraged Pallas in Taurus to pursue a luxurious life and artistic talents. Pallas in Taurus has a stable father figure and relationship. However, stability can come at a cost as disagreements could be sustained for an incredibly long time. No matter what, Pallas in Taurus remains loyal to the father figure!

Pallas in Gemini This or that? Pallas in Gemini is neurodivergent thanks to its Mercurial capabilities. Strategy, intellectual control, and conflict are like a game of chess for Pallas in Gemini. This Pallas placement can exercise its mind when dealing with conflict or obstacles. Pallas in Gemini can see a few different routes, toying with various outcomes and analyzing each opponent. Mercury’s mental powers shine through verbal Gemini. Pallas in Gemini can schmooze. Charming yet elusive, Pallas in Gemini can weasel information out of anyone. After all, information is the most valuable currency in the art of war for this Pallas placement. So, it may shine as a double agent or spy! Since Pallas in Gemini has the gift of gab, it can negotiate with ease. However, dual Gemini may cause Pallas to be somewhat indecisive, Pallas in Gemini can most certainly rework a conversation or get what it wants from its opponents, however, coming to a decision is not its forte. Perhaps it’s the idea of finality that scares Pallas in Gemini from making a definitive decision. So, the resolution is not imminent for Pallas in Gemini. There is a need to have an ever-evolving conversation around compromise so Pallas in Gemini may not like a final call. An unfortunate shadow aspect of immature Gemini is the desire for ongoing drama so a compromise could be avoided just so that Pallas in Gemini can continue its mental games. But when Pallas in Gemini is ready for the war to end, one can be sure to have this Pallas placement on its team to have the best deal possible. On a favorable note, Pallas in Gemini is quite crafty. Poetry, music, lyrics, writing, and acting could be the artistic strengths for Pallas in Gemini! Mercury can shine through creative communication and storytelling because of Pallas. Finally, the father figure is a dynamic subject. Pallas in Gemini probably only knows of one version of their father figure. The father figure likely had a multifaceted aspect, sporting a different private family life from active public life. Pallas in Gemini likely has a different relationship with the father figure than its siblings as different facets of the father’s personality were brought out in various ways. The father figure may have intentionally or accidentally taught Pallas in Gemini about communication, laughter, writing, and perhaps, lying. Although Pallas in Gemini may not know every bit of their father figure, the father figure likely only knows a version of Pallas in Gemini too.

Pallas in Cancer Emotional intensity and reaction are all part of Pallas in Cancer’s plan. The art of war is passive-aggressive under Pallas in Cancer’s lunar-inspired directive. Pallas in Cancer is strategically intuitive, shines with emotional intelligence, and uses emotional manipulation to remain in control. When engaging in conflict, Pallas in Cancer may initially dodge it. Conflict may be held off in an attempt to amp up the defense. However, when war is unavoidable, Pallas in Cancer puts up its walls and claws! Pallas in Cancer attacks from a defensive position, fueled by stirring triggers and armed with emotional awareness. If Pallas in Cancer plays its cards correctly, then it will use a heart-to-heart strategy. Pallas in Cancer will approach the armistice with open arms, a heart ready to mediate the conflict that has been drawn. However, this strategy isn’t as altruistic as it may seem. Pallas in Cancer understands the spectrum of emotion better than anyone, which indicates that warfare may be mediated by emotional manipulation and control. So, peace is somewhat shallow. After all, Pallas in Cancer uses manipulation to win so it’s not necessarily an honest win. However, it can be a durable win as all parties involved will likely feel heard, remedied, and validated. Luckily, discourse is smoothed over by the motherly Pallas in Cancer. Mothering skills extend to domestic duties as Pallas in Cancer’s craft is the home. Pallas in Cancer’s artistic skills shines in interior design, creating a comfy, cozy abode. Craftiness can also extend to other domestic duties, such as cooking and baking. Pallas in Cancer may find that its artistic style presents itself as an ornate cake or handmade decoration! More importantly, Pallas in Cancer can nurture someone else’s craft. The idea of mothering also extends to the fatherly relationship Pallas in Cancer may have. Pallas in Cancer may have an unusually strong connection with the father figure. The father figure could be seen as quite a nurturer. Perhaps the relationship is not only emotionally fulfilling but also emotionally validating. Pallas in Cancer may also resonate with the father’s roots and see the father as a home. However, the father figure could have also taught Pallas in Cancer to be emotionally manipulative as well. Gaslighting may have been one of the many techniques that the father figure passed down to Pallas in Cancer, especially if this is how the father figure taught Pallas in Cancer to win. No matter what, Pallas in Cancer will feel particularly attuned to the father figure, and vice versa!

Pallas in Leo Solar-powered and ready to go, Pallas in Leo is committed to fighting for the cause! War is founded upon pride with this Pallas placement. When there is conflict, Pallas in Leo aims to be noble in the course of action yet haughty in pursuit of victory. Pallas in Leo’s main strengths is its confidence and creativity. Sure to win, Pallas in Leo is restorative as its creativity to attack the problem is its greatest strategy. The noble nature of the Lion ensures an honesty-is-the-best policy when going about mediating war. Pallas in Leo will likely be a true hero, charismatic and brave. Since the sun shines in Pallas, it can be a perfect astrological placement for political notoriety. Pallas in Leo likely enjoys being the face of a cause. Because of this, there is an aura of pride that is assumed by Pallas in Leo. So, it is worth saying that arrogance can be Pallas in Leo’s weak spot. Luckily, Pallas in Leo’s arrogance can turn into confidence through practicing humility! This creative Pallas placement shines in arts and crafts. Pallas in Leo can easily adopt the 5th House qualities of Leo, making this a highly talented placement! Pallas in Leo has the potential to crush art, music, acting, and even dancing. However, the catch is getting Pallas in Leo committed to the endeavor. The fixed nature of Leo may prolong getting involved in a fulfilling artistic activity. However, once committed, Pallas in Leo is a rockstar! It can be quite a “Renaissance Man” placement. Talk about being a double, or even triple threat! Since this Pallas placement can be highly talented, it may even become known for its talents as Pallas in Leo exudes popularity. So, this could be a placement that indicates potential fame. The nourishment of Pallas in Leo’s qualities may be a direct result of the fatherly relationship. Pallas in Leo may put their father figure on a pedestal, and vice versa. The father figure would have likely pushed Pallas in Leo towards greatness, acting as both Pallas in Leo’s greatest supporter and coach. Pallas in Leo could even attribute its talents to their father figure as they may share the same artistic skills. The father figure could have been a well-known figure in Pallas in Leo’s life, potentially widely hailed as a “good guy”. Since the sun shines in Pallas, Pallas in Leo may have felt competitive against others, such as siblings, to be their father figure’s “favorite” person. Winning the father figure’s approval and support would be crucial to this Pallas placement’s development in childhood.

Pallas in Virgo Influenced by Mercury, Pallas in Virgo is tactile. Unlike fellow Mercurial sign, Gemini, Pallas in Virgo is more strategic thanks to its receptive feminine energy. When Pallas in Virgo approaches a conflict, it waits for the right time to strike. Strategy is organized well as Pallas in Virgo acts as a fly on the wall to gather crucial information to make the correct assessment. When the time is right, Pallas in Virgo knows how to implement considerate action. This Pallas sign prefers a cold war over guerilla warfare. So, ideally, conflict is mediated with careful conversation. Pallas in Virgo is astute, so it already has the upper hand in mediation before it even begins. As Pallas in Virgo maneuvers warfare, it will be sure to be precise and diligent in its action. However, Pallas in Virgo may experience downfall when it’s paralyzed by over analyzing. Pallas in Virgo can be incredibly successful in mediating conflict as long as it doesn’t get trapped in the rumination station. If this is avoided, then Pallas in Virgo is sure to come out on top without a drop of blood spilled. The Mercurial capabilities translate to Pallas in Virgo’s craft. Pallas in Virgo is restorative, so it may do best with artistic repairs and organization. Something like feng shui or assisting others in their organization could be considered Pallas in Virgo’s craft. As Virgo rules the digestive system, Pallas in Virgo could be adept in cooking and baking. Artistic mediums are likely to be neat, clean, and defined. So, art, photography, sewing, pottery, and sculpting could be Pallas in Virgo’s preferred mediums. Virgo is also associated with health, so Pallas may do well with altruistic mediums such as yoga, visualization, and meditation. The presentation of Pallas in Virgo’s craft is rather simple. The meticulous nature of Pallas in Virgo extends to the fatherly relationship. Pallas in Virgo may scrutinize the father figure and vice versa. There is a nitpickiness to it. The father figure is the one who taught Pallas in Virgo to pay attention to minute details, to wait before acting, and to perfect whatever it endures. Pallas in Virgo’s communicative style and skills are potentially a result of the fatherly relationship. However, the father figure may have taught Pallas in Virgo to be health-conscious, which could be a pro if it wasn’t implemented in an overly anxious mindset.

Pallas in Libra Similar to Pallas in Aries, Pallas in Libra is also a relatively ideal placement for this asteroid! Pallas in Libra reports to Venus, encouraging peace and commitments in the art of war. Since Pallas represents strategic conflict, preferring peace over war, Pallas in Libra can shine in its confrontational skills. Typically, Libra resents being addressed head-on for misgivings or warfare. But Pallas in Libra doesn’t shy away from skillful battles. Apt with a “we” minded perspective, Pallas in Libra acts as a mediator in war. Taking a devil’s advocate position is perfect for Pallas in Libra as it considers all sides of the story before making a just assessment. As a result, Pallas in Libra can come up with the best decision for all moving forward as it understands each perspective of the conflict without dirtying its own hands. However, Pallas in Libra’s shortcoming is making the just, lawful decision known. Pallas in Libra can still be insecure in its ability to finalize a decision, mainly because Pallas in Libra wants to ensure that everyone will be pleased with the results. While Pallas in Libra intelligently knows what to do, it may have difficulties implementing it. Pallas in Libra has appearances to maintain, so making the wrong move could be socio-politically disastrous. So, conflict may carry on a bit longer than necessary. However, when the time comes, Pallas in Libra will likely pose a well-rounded peace treaty that sustains positive partnerships and commits to harmony. Expect the result to be reciprocal! Since Pallas in Libra reports to Venus, crafts come easily. Pallas in Libra has an eye for beauty in all forms, so artistic mediums like painting, fashion, pottery, and even jewelry making! Pallas in Libra may also excel at feng shui as the Scales prefer energetic balance in its spaces. Overall, Pallas in Libra can be an incredibly stylish placement! Concerning the father figure, Pallas in Libra likely noted how popular this person was in and outside of the home. Pallas in Libra probably had a father figure who was well-known for their charm, attractiveness, and people skills. It may have been notable if the father figure had a career in law, politics, and/or government. The father figure inexplicably taught Pallas in Libra the importance of appearances, perhaps even people-pleasing and passive-aggressiveness. The relationship with the father figure could have been peaceful, if somewhat shallow. Shallow in the sense that issues may have never been fully addressed, or anger could have never dared surface. No matter what, it was a reciprocal exchange!

Pallas in Scorpio Secretive yet transformative, Pallas in Scorpio has the power to change the course of conflict towards compromise. Since Scorpio has three phases – Scorpion, Eagle, Phoenix rising – to master, Pallas can reflect all three in the art of strategy. If Pallas in Scorpio tackles conflict at the Scorpion phase, it is sneaky and disingenuous. Conflict is mediated by low-balling behaviors. At the Eagle phase, Pallas in Scorpio has the potential to go beyond the sneak attacks for something more profound. It’s like dipping its toes into something more honest, genuine, and healthy. When the Pheonix rises in Pallas, the strategy goes beyond the mundane. At this phase, Pallas in Scorpio aims to transform the situation for the better, likely a result of the metaphorical death of the conflict. When Pallas in Scorpio tackles conflict, it’s done with intuition, research, and picking up on hidden motives. Guided by the gut, Pallas in Scorpio turns conflict into a point of radical chain-breaking. So, warfare ends on an “all or nothing” note. If possible, Pallas in Scorpio should team up with Pallas in Libra to define a world-breaking contract or commitment when the conflict is mediated. The only potential setback for Pallas in Scorpio is the fixed mentality. When Pallas in Scorpio comes to a definitive opinion or mindset, it will not budge. The fixed aspect can also come across as controlling as Pallas in Scorpio will want to call the shots when passing judgment. Aside from that, one can commend Pallas in Scorpio’s undeniable commitment to reach a decision. With crafts in mind, Pallas in Scorpio can be a master healer. Nobody knows the darkness like Scorpio does. So, art and holistic healing are Pallas in Scorpio’s jam. Pallas in Scorpio can turn pain into a breathtaking painting, drawing, or sculpture. Honing psychic powers, such as past life regressions and reading akashic records, is possible if Pallas in Scorpio is willing to work with the shadow side. Since Pallas in Scorpio is restorative, it can be a fantastic placement to flip objects and items. Up-cycling could be the ideal craft for this Pallas placement! Finally, the relationship with the father figure is intense, to say the least. The father figure likely taught Pallas in Scorpio to be charming yet elusive, present yet untouchable. Pallas in Scorpio probably felt like they couldn’t hide anything from the father figure while the father figure remained shrouded in mystery. The relationship could have been emotionally transformative, highlighted with extreme peaks and valleys. Since the father figure demonstrated the value of investigating secrets and hidden motives, this could have founded an obsession in Pallas in Scorpio. Luckily, Pallas in Scorpio learned from the best detective around!

Pallas in Sagittarius Hopefully optimistic, Pallas in Sagittarius leans into Jupiter’s good-hearted nature in the face of adversity. Despite being tasked with hardship, Pallas in Sagittarius remains jovial. Pallas in Sagittarius tackles warfare with a pep in its step, armed with the knowledge that everything will work out the way it needs to. As Sagittarius is associated with philosophy and law, it could be an excellent Pallas placement for mediation. Pallas in Sagittarius is gifted with a worldly view thanks to its expansionist nature. So, working through conflict from various angles can be ideal for Pallas in Sagittarius to show off what it knows. However, the only potential setback to this Pallas placement in Sagittarius’s opinionated, bigger-than-life nature. Pallas in Sagittarius may become stuck on a point, aggressive and arrogant. So, this may stall progress in mediation. If anger gets the best of Pallas in Sagittarius, it can appear wildly out of control. Pallas in Sagittarius needs to stay on track with the end goal – peace. Luckily, Pallas in Sagittarius is a “big picture” placement so it will find a way to work through warfare come hell or high water. After the war is won, Pallas in Sagittarius takes off with its craft. Zesty and zippy, Pallas in Sagittarius finds its boundless inspiration from various cultures, religions, beliefs, and travel. Pallas in Sagittarius will likely be gifted with an artistic eye for beauty in different forms. As a cultured being, Pallas in Sagittarius can recognize and appreciate the beauty of what foreign lands have to offer. This could arguably be the most well-rounded Pallas placement in terms of art as it is all-inclusive, appreciative, and worldly. The diversity of its taste is immaculate. Since Jupiter’s influence is grandiose, Pallas in Sagittarius may go overboard with crafts. A simple meal turns into a lavish feast. An abstract painting is adorned with various mediums, colors, and metals. Fashion is wild, something that almost looks unironically like Gucci or Y2K. Pallas in Sagittarius goes big or goes home with artistic endeavors. But Pallas in Sagittarius may have unintentionally learned this from its father figure. The father figure was likely a humorous, loud-mouth individual. Pallas in Sagittarius may have noted how strongly opinionated its father figure was, ranging from simple matters to current socio-political events. Luckily, Pallas in Sagittarius may have been well-taught, and even well-traveled, as a result of the father figure. The father figure could have pushed Pallas in Sagittarius to continue a lifelong journey in education. Treats and anecdotes from the father figure’s travels may have been significant in childhood. Pallas in Sagittarius probably learned about religious and political leanings from the father figure. Jupiter’s presence could infer that the father figure and relationship play a major role in Pallas in Sagittarius’s life. The relationship may have issues with disagreements, but likely remains a positive influence in Pallas’s life.

Pallas in Capricorn In Capricorn, Pallas reports to Saturn which is an incredibly strong underlying planetary influence. Pallas in Capricorn can envision the long-term rewards and consequences of strategic actions. As a result, this Pallas placement tends to be karmically inclined. Governed by Saturn’s authority, Pallas in Capricorn has a remarkable sense of accountability. Everything that is done is a result of carefully calculating the risk versus reward. Conflict, aggression, and warfare are like a game of chess to Pallas in Capricorn. The responsible energy of this Pallas placement invokes a sense of accountability for all losses and gains. When Pallas in Capricorn maneuvers conflict, it’s done with a sense of duty. Pallas in Capricorn has a serious tone as it knows that every step taken is done with a sense of stoicism. The potential pitfall of Pallas in Capricorn is the shadow-side of Machiavellism making its appearance. While Pallas in Capricorn will aim to mediate for the best outcome, it could also be somewhat sneaky in its gains. Pallas in Capricorn can be capricious about its moves. The calculations can be cold if Pallas in Capricorn is determined to be successful come hell or high water. However, the resounding karma of this placement will quickly come into effect, implying that Pallas in Capricorn’s ulterior motives will only get them so far. So, Pallas in Capricorn learns that true success from mediation comes from honest-to-goodness intentions. Success can be possible without stepping on others to get there. Regardless of how the war is won, Pallas in Capricorn will assure that the conflict positively enhances its public status and legacy. Once Pallas in Capricorn feels like it’s on top of its world, then it can focus on honing artistic capabilities. Pallas in Capricorn may take an unusually long time to hone its skills, especially if there’s something to capitalize from it. So, like Pallas in Virgo, Pallas in Capricorn can be equally perfectionistic about its crafts! Artistic forms such as calligraphy, classical music, and even jewelry could entice Pallas in Capricorn. These forms are timeless and socially presentable, perfect for adding dexterity to Pallas in Capricorn’s status. Pallas in Capricorn may also enjoy dying crafts, such as reciting poetry in a dead language or writing on a typewriter. Ballroom dancing could be perfect for this Pallas placement to take up as well! Finally, the fatherly relationship lacks the razzle-dazzle effect as Pallas is governed by Saturn. Astrologically speaking, Saturn’s role in the family is the authority figure (arguably the father in most patriarchal hierarchies as depicted in Roman and Greek mythology). So, Pallas in Capricorn likely has a cold, distant father figure. The father may have ruled the roost, arguably the most intimidating person in the household yet also the only person worth impressing. The relationship could be strained, as Pallas in Capricorn may not feel connected to the father figure in a warm, friendly way yet still wishes to be validated by the father figure. The father figure was likely well-known for professional achievements, creating a widespread legacy that’s hard to beat. So, Pallas in Capricorn may have heard, “Oh, you’re so-and-so’s kid? Wow, your father is incredible” once or twice. As a result of growing up under someone who seemed prestigious or well-known in the community, Pallas in Capricorn had an early lesson in legacy. The father figure may have taught Pallas in Capricorn how to act and present to sustain notable notoriety of achievements and professional conquests.

Pallas in Aquarius Aloof yet loyal to the cause, Pallas in Aquarius brings in an unlikely perspective of the conflict. Pallas in Aquarius acts with both Saturn and Uranus in mind, making this placement kind of a double threat. As Saturn and Uranus call the shots, Pallas in Aquarius will have a futuristic view of the aftermath of war, judgment, and retributions. With the gift of foresight, Pallas in Aquarius tends to be a little more logical in its approach to mediation. Both stoic and iconic, Pallas in Aquarius will reach an unusual if ethical judgment regarding the conflict. When the war comes to a stalemate, the Saturnian energy will remind Pallas in Aquarius to be responsible while the Uranian energy invokes a radical change following the conflict. Together, both planets lead Pallas in Aquarius to make an assessment that should ideally benefit the greater community. Similar to Pallas in Sagittarius, Pallas in Aquarius can also approach mediating with a “big picture” mentality as Pallas in Aquarius will want to make the right call to have a lasting positive effect. If anything, this Pallas placement may struggle with reaching a verdict partially because of its fixed nature and partially due to Uranus. The fixed air sign may stand against its motives, so Pallas in Aquarius is not one to fold easily for the sake of peace. The Uranus energy can be wholly rebellious, not wanting to conform to “the Man” or the idea of shallow compromise as means to pacify everyone involved. Plus, Aquarius can be a notably non-confrontational sign as it would rather exhaust its mental energy on more worthwhile pursuits than the pursuit of proving itself correct. However, when push comes to shove, Pallas in Aquarius will make the most intelligent decision that should hopefully appease or at least help, everyone involved. If anything, Pallas in Aquarius may propose something a tad outlandish or never-been-done-before when working through issues. So, Pallas in Aquarius’s far-fetched ideas to rectify the situation may throw some individuals off. But it may be worth trying as Pallas in Aquarius may be able to see how well their suggestions or plans could benefit everyone, and then some, involved! The zippy quality of Pallas in Aquarius extends to their craft as Pallas in Aquarius can be quite innovative. No matter what type of artistic medium it is, Pallas in Aquarius is sure to have their special twist. Pallas in Aquarius will also likely use their artistic mediums as a statement on politics, humanity, religion, and other controversial hot topics. Ideally, sculpture, smithing, metal, spray paint, digital art/graphic design, and electronic music would be perfect mediums to explore. Art becomes a radical form of self-expression. So, whatever Pallas in Aquarius creates is typically iconic. This is not a classical artistic placement as Pallas in Aquarius aims to break every rule known to man for the sake of creativity. Aside from making the most of rebellions and new creative waves, Pallas in Aquarius may have learned a thing or two from its father figure. The father figure could have been distant, reserved, yet eccentric. This person may have been slightly unpredictable, so the relationship could have gone through some unexpected highs and lows. Pallas in Aquarius likely recognized that the father figure was innovative, even a mad genius. Although distant, the father figure taught Pallas in Aquarius the importance of being authentic. Though the father figure may have been “embarrassing” or “uncool” at certain times, Pallas in Aquarius realized the importance of being one’s true self through the fatherly relationship. However, the erratic behavior of the relationship likely taught Pallas in Aquarius a different idea of relationships. So, this could allude to why Pallas in Aquarius is radically independent, perhaps to the point of loneliness.

Pallas in Pisces Mystical and elusive, warfare is not Pallas in Pisces’s prerogative. Pallas in Pisces reports to Jupiter and Neptune, so it has a rosy hue. Conflict is often misguided, unable to be defined where the point of contention begins and ends. The blurred lines could lead to an unrealistic perspective of any instances and those involved. By the time conflict is mediated, Pallas in Pisces may realize that they had the wrong perception all along. As Pallas in Pisces navigates conflict, it may do so fleetingly. The Neptune-Jupiter influence may cause Pallas in Pisces to become overwhelmed by the enormity of war, especially with picking a side or seeking the truth behind the cause to follow. If the warfare becomes too much to emotionally process, Pallas in Pisces will likely swim away until the waters calm themselves. It can be a tricky placement considering that anger, aggression, and mediation aren’t these Pallas’ specialties. Walking away or avoiding the problem is more of Pallas in Pisces’s speed. But when the going gets tough, Pallas in Pisces can use its intuition to guide itself in conflict. When Pallas in Pisces listens to its gut feelings, then seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is more plausible. However, Pallas in Pisces should use its tactics with mindfulness as gaslighting, manipulating, and escapism will never truly solve the problem. Instead, compassion will allow Pallas in Pisces to come out of the war unscathed and smelling like roses. Luckily, the Jupiterian and Neptunian influences can lead to a peaceful ending! There is everlasting hope in navigating social issues or wrongdoings. With this comes an unexplainable love that Pallas in Pisces has for all parties involved. There is a natural empathy for everyone, which allows Pallas in Pisces to understand why events unfold the way they do. It can have an imaginative mindset, so Pallas in Pisces can visualize how mediation can go and what it may lead to in the future. The creativity for seeking peace amid conflict also extends to craft. Pallas in Pisces has a dreamy, mystical artistic touch as it uses fairy dust, glitter, and soft colors in its creations. So, this can be an exception placement for creating otherwordly paintings. Mediums like oil, watercolor, and ink may be best for this Pallas placement. Pallas in Pisces may even like creating through photography and cinema. Writing poetry, fantasy, and romance would be perfect for Pallas in Pisces. It may even prefer soft instrumental and acoustic music. Pallas in Pisces’s creations will have a gentle, dewy signature. The gentleness extends to the fatherly relationship. Pallas in Pisces was likely raised by an emotional father figure, someone who was likely gifted with soft artistic talent and damned with escapist tendencies. Pallas in Pisces may acknowledge that the father is gifted in creating moving, emotionally deep pieces. However, this person may have evaded fatherly duties to a certain degree, perhaps running away to nurse its artistic muse with substances or holding back in an elusive manner. Yet the love was a deep, prominent bond between Pallas in Pisces and the father. At times, it may have alluded to self-undoing – either watching the father figure unravel or unraveling resulting in being raised by such a person. Regardless, the father figure may have nursed a desire to express complex emotions through a mystical craft. Intuition, talent, and skill for evasion were the gift and curse given to Pallas in Pisces by its father figure.

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