November Forecast

November’s astrological line-up is all about shifting gears from stagnant retrograde energy to a full throttle mentality. Just as the retrograde energy subsides, Novembers ends on the strongest note possible with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, kicking off the final eclipse season of 2020. November’s forecast is like gearing up for the final drop in the roller-coaster ride that is 2020.

Major Transits

The first major transit begins with Mercury stationing direct on the 3rd. Now direct in Libra, it’s time to close out the last Mercurial retrograde of the year in its post-shadow end. With Mercury now direct in the balanced, fair Libra, conversations and mental matters are oriented around pros and cons. Now is the time to reflect of the Mercury Rx period, particularly with what is extremely imbalanced in one’s life, and the means to find harmony yet again. Mercury direct in Libra also makes flirtatious conversations a tad easier, so there may be some reprieve in romance and love. Use the elegant charm and social grace to soothe the Mercury Rx damage.

With some other transits in-between, Mercury then leaves the fair Libra for the investigative Scorpio on the 10th. Now that Mercury is back into Scorpio, it’s slowly but surely finishing its post-shadow end. Whatever came up in the first half of Mercury Rx is now up for review. Mercury direct in Scorpio is forward thinking with burning questions, unraveling mysteries, and seeking clarity in the midst of destruction. Mercury in Scorpio is the rise of the phoenix. Allow the mind, communicative patterns, and mental flexibility to transform. Avoid dominating the conversations, vigorously investigating dead ends, and obsessing over lost causes. Speak with caution, and discernment, as that holds more power than acting in a domineering, cunning fashion.

Shortly after, Jupiter conjuncts Pluto on the 12th. Both in the sign of Capricorn, Jupiter represents the long-term journey and Pluto represents methodical transformation. Conjunct aspects occur at 0 degrees, usually between two celestial bodies who are in the same Zodiac sign, thus creating cosmic alliance. As both planets are direct after long Rx periods over the spring and summer, Pluto is rising above all setbacks, and Jupiter expanding upon the rise. Whatever Pluto is ending, beginning, and transforming, Jupiter is capitalizing on that. As these celestial bodies are in Capricorn, it’s likely the focus is on status, career, maturation, and the relationship with authority. Keep in mind that Jupiter, although benevolent in nature, is the astrological equivalent of a Midas touch. Jupiter will explode the aspects of Pluto in this transit. Let the explosion be one of positive abundance!

A day later, Mars stations direct in Aries. FINALLY. With Mars now direct, expect to feel a blast of energy. Mars has spent its time in Rx contemplating impulsivity, stagnancy, patience, and sexuality. Now direct and in its primary ruling sign, Aries, Mars is ready to rock and roll. Consider this an ideal time to begin any new projects, ventures, or finish up old goals as well. After all, it’s time to finally see some ventures either coming to head or into fruition! Mars direct is also volatile in nature, so be mindful of acting out of anger or aggression. The libido may be higher than ever, especially mid-Scorpio season. A couple of Rising signs in particular will have the potential for love activations with Mars now being direct. These signs would primarily be Aries Rising (1st House) and Libra Rising (7th House). All in all, renewed energy returns with Mars stationing direct. Just in time for eclipse season!

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 15th begins a new lunar cycle. New Moon represent a new cycle to set intentions, or manifest. However, the moon’s placement in Scorpio is fall, meaning it’s not operating at the highest potential or capacity. Fall placements typically struggle. Yet New Moons are a time of renewal and rebirth, which does quite fit Scorpio’s transformative nature. So, yes, this New Moon in Scorpio may be an emotionally turbulent time period. There may be intense feelings, heightened emotional reactions, secrecy, and a major call to end and begin again. As this New Moon is in Scorpio, there is elements of the taboo, hidden, and occult. New Moon intentions can be set with working on spiritual growth, knowing how to rely on others for assistance, exploring shadow-work, honing divination skills, practicing intuition, and transforming an aspect of one’s life. Under the New Moon, it could be an ideal time to work with tarot, pendulums, and spirit guides, if that is within one’s spiritual practice. Try to steer away from obsessing over lost causes and dead ends. Embrace the renewed energy of the New Moon instead.

On the 21st, Venus enters Scorpio. With Venus in Scorpio, there is a controlling, passionate tone in love and resources. When it comes to wealth and values, the Scorpionic nature is to dominate. Aim to build up, save, and budget accordingly. When it comes to love, Venus in Scorpio takes on an “all or nothing” tone. After Mercury and Mars Rx, it’s time to think about what matters in romance in the long-run. What aspects of one’s romantic and sexual nature can change for the better? Venus in Scorpio implores one to dig deep, to find what really matters in an emotional and sexual connection. Venus in Scorpio can be an ideal time to consider working on one’s individual take on love, relationships, and sex. It can also be an ideal time to re-consider any current romantic/sexual relationships as well. A huge aspect of Venus in Scorpio is learning to listen to intuition when it comes to romance. It’s time to lean into that gut feeling, especially in regard to a partner, or take on a relationship. Venus in Scorpio can also mark the time of seeking out deeper, emotionally close bonds as well. Depending on where one is at in their development of love, one could be acting in a cunning, mischievous manner or in an enlightened, profound manner.

On the same day, the Sun enters Sagittarius! Sagittarius is a mutable, masculine fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius Season marks the transition of fall to winter. During Sagittarius Season, we are called to be flexible, yet optimistic. Sagittarius has a “burn it all down, try again” mentality. Think of this sign like a wildfire – it engulfs, consumes, destroys, yet leaves space for something better, newer to grow. Sagittarius is bright, energetic, and excitable. This is the season to go out on whim with traveling, exploration, and adventure. Sagittarius also reminds us to remember our higher education and spiritual growth, which comes from the connections one makes through profound conversations and studying. All in all, enjoy the warmth of Sagittarius Season!

By the 28th, Neptune will station direct in Pisces. The veil lifts, dissipates, and leaves room to see all things clearly. Under the foggy gaze of Neptune Rx, we were called to read in-between the lines. Neptune Rx poses a time to see aspects of life with and without the rose-colored glasses. It’s primarily a time to accept, acknowledge, and reflect on intuition, dreams, escapism, and fantasy. Now direct, Neptune in Pisces is gentle, yet powerful. It’s time to accept the reality of a situation, person, mindset, etc. for what it is. Wherever Neptune is transiting in the Houses is where the truth will be revealed. The question is, is are you ready for it? If not, the haze of Neptune persists. If so, it’s up to you to fight for reality over fantasy.

November ends with a bang! On the 30th, there’s a Full Moon Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. Full Moons mark the end of a 6-month lunar cycle. Lunar Eclipses, which can only occur during a Full Moon, mark major endings, which typically feels destined or fated. A Full Moon Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse can only occur when the sun, moon, and Earth are perfectly aligned in a row, which is a slightly more subtle eclipse (especially in comparison to total or partial eclipses). The prenumbral eclipse occurs when the Earth blocks part of the sun’s light from the moon, and covers most if not all of the moon’s surface, thus casting a faint shadow over the moon. Regardless, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is still the celestial equivalent of, “when one door closes, another door opens”. As this is occurring in the mercurial Gemini, there is an idea of the end of mirroring. As Gemini is the sign of the twins, there is a multi-faceted aspect to this eclipse. For some, this eclipse marks a choice being made between two or more prospective paths. For others, this eclipse marks the ending and beginning of a new study, or mentally driven outlet. This can also refer to a transformative streak in communication abilities. It can also allude to changes in one’s neighborhood, sibling relationships, and immediate peer groups as well. All in all, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is going to signify the beginning of a dramatic time in history as well. This is occurring shortly after the elections end, which can also allude to the beginning of a major, nation-wide civil unrest. The unrest will absolutely be a result of who wins the presidential election. My personal guess is that there will be an outcry of rigged voting measures, which will call for a re-count of the ballots (similar to the Bush-Gore Florida Recount). I also think the media is going to hyper-focus on political propaganda following the election, particularly with certain leaders endorsing civil unrest. Get ready for the drama.

The Dates

  • 11/3: Mercury is direct in Libra
  • 11/10: Mercury enters Scorpio
  • 11/12: Jupiter in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn
  • 11/13: Mars is direct in Aries
  • 11/15: New Moon in Scorpio
  • 11/21: Venus enters Scorpio, Sun enters Sagittarius
  • 11/28: Neptune is direct in Pisces
  • 11/30: Full Moon Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

November Horoscopes coming on 10/31!

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