The 3rd House of Communication

The 3rd House is traditionally ruled by Gemini and Mercury, making this a cadent House. The sectors of life this House dictates is communication, sibling relationships, neighborhood, local/short-term travel, and early education. This is the House of fine-tuning communicative and intellectual abilities through relationships with siblings and neighbors.

The cadent aspect of the 3rd House is one of editing. This House is acted upon early in life, particularly with close relationships and in early education. Aspects of the 3rd House are heavily implemented, and edited in childhood. As one hones their communicative and intellectual abilities, it’s done through interacting with siblings and neighbors. The neighborhood can refer to physical next-door neighbors, but mainly refers to those in the immediate community. Think school peers, teachers, store clerks, and more. These relationships, however deep or shallow, often perfect one’s ability to take in, absorb, and communicate. The idea is that one learns how to communicate and understand correctly through these immediate relationships.

The 3rd House is one of studying. This is the House that can allude to general educational interests in school, mental processes, best ways/style of learning, and your communicative abilities of such. The Zodiac Sign placed in this House can highlight all the pros and cons of education. This House can allude to any issues in childhood, as well as any profound interests. Since this is the House of studying, the studying can go beyond traditional education. Studying can also refer to people-watching. In a sense, this would be monitoring and observing those in the immediate environment for social cues. The prominent people-watching subjects would be one’s siblings!

Lastly, this House can explain sibling relationships. Depending on the aspects and Sign in this House, one’s relationship(s) with their sibling(s) can be fully explained. Because this House is so predominantly tied to early education, neighborhoods, and siblings, this is the House that denotes one’s childhood experiences and perceptions.

Signs in the 3rd House

Aries in the 3rd House

Aries has a voluble energy in this House. In childhood, Aries was likely the one to be upfront, bold, and friendly. Addressing elders, adults, and strangers wouldn’t have been intimidating. If anything, Aries is likely to be rambunctious. Whether it’s in a classroom setting, or with peers, Aries was the devilish one in the group. This persona is exciting, adventurous, and daring. Aries is unapologetic in what they say and feel. Short-term fuses may have led to squabbling. Aries is likely to be bored by unstimulating activities. Sitting in a chair, doing repetitive work or learning about uninteresting subjects makes for an over-active, energetic personality. Aries is the one who needs consistent stimulation to keep up with their ever-turning mind. If Aries isn’t necessarily “good” or “intelligent” with a new subject right away, Aries will lose interest in it rather quickly. This placement infers a lot of unfinished projects, intellectual pursuits, and a limited, if basic, understanding of many subjects. Aries can often lack patience to fully commit to studying because it would inevitably involve asking for help. Aries is an autonomous learner, thinker, and doer, so asking for help is usually out of the question. When it comes to thinking and communicating, Aries is black and white. Aries is no-nonsense, unaccepting, and at times, rigid. This stems from a place of needing and giving brutal honesty. Aries may be impulsive with what is said and done as well. Aries is likely to quickly categorize people into a “good” or “bad” category. This can lead to fast assessments, or judgements. At times, Aries can be temperamental and boastful. This can lead to an aggressive style of communication. However, Aries can also appear charming and warm. When it comes to siblings, Aries is fairly independent from them. Aries is likely to be the ringleader, or try to assert control over their siblings. It’s unlikely for Aries to be persuaded by their siblings. Be wary of being over-aggressive, or war-like with siblings.

Taurus in the 3rd House

Taurus has a sensible energy in this House. In childhood, Taurus was likely the quiet, sweet child. Taurus is helpful at times, but lazy other times. Taurus may have been the child who was indulgent in particular activities, like binge-watching TV. Taurus was most likely slow to open up to others in any setting. Even at a young age, Taurus had a grounded maturity that most adults enjoyed. However, this energy was usually quieter, slower, and easier than some kids may have liked. Taurus would be more likely to partake in leisurely play-times than excitable ones. Taurus is practical with its time, energy, and resources. Ideal activities may have included anything to do with art, baking, cooking, reading, and/or watching TV. When it comes to mental and communicative abilities, Taurus takes a slow and steady approach. This placement doesn’t rush in on impulse. Instead, Taurus deliberates all pros, cons, and consequences before acting. This can be irritating at times, considering that Taurus is likely to take a longer time to open up, to decide, or to act. However, once Taurus is committed or has decided, this placement works tirelessly. The catch is, is that the conversation, activity, or study must be worth the energy. After all, this placement can be quite lazy at times. But if given the opportunity to chip away, Taurus has the ability to work steadily on dull or boring projects. This placement finds satisfaction in slow-moving projects, or studies. This placement may also be more apt to actually commit to fully learning about a subject of interest, no matter how long it may take or boring it may be. At times, Taurus is inflexible. If Taurus has made up its mind, then that’s that. This inflexibility can lead to astute stubbornness. Taurus may have a difficult time challenging or changing its POV. When it comes to communication, Taurus can be equally stubborn in conversation. This sign is not ready to adapt or change on the fly. Taurus may accidentally beat a dead horse in conversation, or miss out on valuable learning opportunities because of its stubbornness. The inability to adapt comes from a desire to be stable. Taurus likes knowing all that it needs to know in the moment. Too much information can cause stress or panic, which can lead to shutting down. However, Taurus is known for having extremely sensible advice and a realistic perspective to share! When it comes to siblings, Taurus is likely to be very close with them.

Gemini in the 3rd House

Gemini has a fluid energy in this House. This placement is ideal as Gemini rules the 3rd House! As a child, Gemini was a curious, lively one. Gemini was the one to ask questions, to learn, and to research. This is the kid with the endless “Why?” questions. Teachers would enjoy Gemini’s desire to learn, but dislike the chattiness. Gemini was a voluble character, even in youth. This is the person who isn’t afraid to strike up conversation with anyone about anything. Gemini’s insatiable curiosity would drive them to be open, bright, and inquisitive. Gemini was likely to be involved in many projects, studies, and ventures at once. This is a person who can’t really sit still, or sit with stagnancy. Ideally, Gemini is always expanding and exploring their options. Gemini needs multiple outlets or studies to keep their restless mind satisfied. It would be wise for Gemini to find a semi-flexible routine marked with a few varying outlets to keep Gemini busy yet happy. At any stage in life, Gemini’s mind and voice is clear. Gemini’s mind, although ever-turning, is marked with clarity. Gemini has a unique ability to appraise the situation, subject, or person with open-mindedness. When Gemini communicates, it’s done with discernment and honesty. Gemini’s word choice is always spot-on. This placement doesn’t miss a beat, especially since clear communication is held in the highest regard. If anything, Gemini may lack compassion at times. Yes, this placement is adaptable and open-minded. However, it’s with an intellectual approach rather than an emotional one. In time, Gemini will learn to speak with the head and heart in mind. When it comes to siblings, Gemini may take on a more fluid relationship with them. Sibling relationships may have more of an easy-going tone. Gemini may have a bit of a disconnect from siblings at times, sometimes going a bit of time without speaking to them. But Gemini knows how to get back into sync with siblings through communication. If anything, Gemini may even be a mediator in the sibling group as well.

Cancer in the 3rd House

Cancer bring on an emotional energy in this House. Even as a child, Cancer may have been shy yet emotional. Early on, Cancer may have been a bit defensive with genial conversations. It’s likely that Cancer is a tad socially anxious, not wanting to go out of the way to go through pleasantries of any kind. This comes from an innate shyness. Cancer may have a difficult time opening up, even as a child. Once opened up, Cancer becomes emotionally attached to others quite easily. With this House in mind, it’s extremely likely that Cancer inherits intellectual, communicative, and mental attributes from its parents more-so than any other sign placement. The old saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” applies here. It would be wise for Cancer to be aware of how much they think and talk like their parents. In time, Cancer will learn to build a strong personality and POV separate from their family. This comes from dedicating time and energy to working on building up a sense of self. Cancer’s unique identity may come through later in life, particularly after moving away from family and the childhood home. When it comes to Cancer’s mind, there may be an extremely thin, blurry line between the head and the heart. Cancer’s position in this House is highly emotional in nature. Whatever the emotional state is, it may take over rhyme and reason. Throughout life, Cancer will have to work on not reacting or speaking on solely emotion. Whatever the emotional issues are will have to be addressed properly so that Cancer doesn’t become emotionally overwhelmed. If this doesn’t happen, Cancer may struggle with acting, speaking, and thinking in a rational behavior. Part of this may go back to the parents and family, particularly with taking on their emotional burdens. Over time and with practice, Cancer will learn to battle emotion versus reason. This will eventually result in a more grounded, acceptable way of communicating. Until then, Cancer may have emotional blow-outs that result from taking on other’s emotional burdens or not appraising their own in a positive manner. When it comes to siblings, it’s likely that Cancer acts as another parental figure. Cancer may take on a more care-taking role with siblings, which can result in becoming emotionally overwhelmed.

Leo in the 3rd House

Leo has a strong-willed energy in this House. As a child, Leo was charming and bright. Leo shines in childhood, as a popular personality with all ages. Through trial and error, Leo builds up its self-confidence and individuality in childhood. From a young age, bravado may be more apparent than genuine confidence. Early on, Leo may have felt the need to be assertive in order to gain respect. This would come in the form of boasting, turning the attention back on Leo, and usurping the spotlight from others. Leo may have felt the intense need to perform for others, whether it’s dramatically acting out or even just trying to hold someone’s attention with a long-winded story. It’s likely that the mind and communicative skills are self-involved. Leo may be egocentric. If affronted, Leo may act in true defense of character. Part of having Leo in the 3rd is learning to become confident without the need to be defensive. This is the ability to appraise critiques, apply feedback, and forgo the haters. This can be a rather difficult position to face because of the ego challenges. Over the course of life, Leo will learn that nothing should ever really be taken personally. This will eventually help off-set the dramatic reactions. Another aspect of this placement is learning how to shift focus from the self to others. Leo will initially struggle with a self-involved attitude. But the world doesn’t revolve around Leo. As life goes on, Leo will learn the valuable lesson of letting others have their moment of shining in the spotlight. Lastly, Leo will learn how to replace bravado with genuine confidence. This is best learned by nurturing and healing the inner child. Genuine confidence is also gained by asserting clear goals and desires, which can help Leo tunnel it’s power into a few important ventures. This would work particularly well with identifying a few core interests to study. Leo will go all-in, if given the chance! Genuine confidence is also gained by accepting all aspects of Leo’s mind, heart, and personality. It’s accepting both the best and worst parts of the self. Leo’s relationships with siblings may be a difficult one both in childhood and adulthood. Leo’s siblings would know the true Leo, thus being able to call Leo out on the B.S. This is extremely helpful with getting over the ego challenges of this placement. But this can also make for a turbulent relationship. Leo’s general attitude towards siblings would be loyalty and warmth. It’s likely that Leo is extremely loyal to siblings, even in the midst of a disagreement.

Virgo in the 3rd House

Virgo has a hyper-aware energy in this House. In childhood, Virgo was likely to be the quiet bookworm. This is somebody who is no fuss, no muss. The quiet, helpful Virgo would want to be seen as capable and dependable. In effort to be seen in such light, Virgo may have tried taking on way too much responsibilities at a young age. Be wary, as this could lead to burn-out later in life. Virgo would want to be viewed as intelligent, calm, and mature for its age. This may have been perplexing as Virgo would act so much older than its physical age, which would throw adults off. Even early on, Virgo’s mental and communicative abilities were astute. Virgo would be thoughtful with speech. Virgo would take the time to reflect on what is said, aiming to give the perfect response. While speaking, Virgo would be meticulous with verbiage and attitude. Others would recognize that Virgo is intelligent, witty, and quick. This placement may result in a dry sense of humor. Virgo could also come across as nitpicky, even critical. It’s not that Virgo desires to be critical, but more desires a way to articulate a better way of doing or being. This critical streak is perfectionistic in nature. It comes from Virgos detailed, focused mind. While Virgo is planning out an ideal response, its mind is picking up on every little cue and thinking ahead. Virgo’s futuristic mind aims to improve, which can then be communicated in a cold, critical fashion. At times, Virgo may unintentionally put someone down with the cold, harsh words. It’s never done with such intentions though. When Virgo realizes the mess-up in speech, or another form of mistake, anxiety kicks in. Virgo is likely to be secretly very anxious, with a mind prone to ruminating on the same few things for an extended period of time. If the stress isn’t appraised correctly, Virgo will suffer from somatic complaints. In extreme cases, this placement can result in a hypochondriac. In other extreme cases, this placement can result in a martyr complex as well. When it comes to siblings, Virgo is likely to take on more responsibilities or be depended on more. Virgo is most likely the responsible sibling. In sibling relationships, Virgo will try to be the caretaker of other siblings.

Libra in the 3rd House

Libra has a gregarious energy in this House. Even in childhood, Libra is the one always picking up friends, stories, and more on a regular basis. Libra has a charming, genial persona that invites others in. This can result in being privy to information overload. So, Libra would be the cousin with all the dirt on the adults, or the school peer who would be right in the middle of the rumor mill. Libra’s gregarious nature finds connections everywhere. This can be ideal for finding love in a young age. After all, Libra would be the one with a relationship even in elementary school. Childhood sweethearts would be a big deal! Libra may also be the one who’s unintentionally popular. Because Libra is so sweet and easy to talk to, Libra would be able to sympathize with everyone’s various perspectives, thoughts, and opinions. However, this can result in a crippling sense of individuality. Libra may come to rely too heavily on other’s opinions before making a decision, or move. In time, Libra would have to build up a sense of self that didn’t care for the rumor mill or other’s influences. Libra can learn how to do this by forming their own opinions without being influenced by others. Libra may also have to learn this as a single person outside of any relationships. After all, Libra may spend most of childhood and early adulthood in codependent relationships and friendships. A single life may be needed to really assert a sense of individuality. It should be noted that this placement has a bad rap for being gossipy or nosy, so be mindful of such behaviors! In time, Libra has the potential to be a fantastic orator. Libra could develop wonderful social skills later in life as well. But these skills come after learning a sense of individuality, particularly with asserting their own opinions without fear of judgement from others. As a sibling, Libra is likely to be the popular sibling who gets to sit at the adult table at holidays, and is favored among cousins. Libra would desire a harmonious, balanced relationship with siblings. This may result in some passive-aggressive behaviors if Libra cannot articulate any issues in the relationship.

Scorpio in the 3rd House

Scorpio has an intense energy in this House. Even in childhood, Scorpio was a little bit different. Where the earth signs desire to be seen as wise beyond its years, Scorpio was hailed as the child who was wise beyond its years without trying. Scorpio was the child who could analyze accurately from a young age. This child would offer unique perspectives that would shock others, mainly because Scorpio would be prone to finding the shadow-side of life. Scorpio has an unmatched intensity with verbiage, leverage, attitude, and more. Throughout life, Scorpio thinks and speaks with darkness. This placement is a little more prone to being open to the taboo, the mysterious, and psychologically perplexing wonders. So, this would be the child who’d love talking about ghosts, ghouls, and more. This would be the adult who would enjoy dark conversations about traumas of all kinds, psychology, and more. Because this placement understands the darkness, this brings darkness into context of the mind and conversations. Even at a young age, Scorpio may have been subjected or privy to heavy conversations that were not suitable for Scorpio’s age. Throughout life, Scorpio may accidentally or unintentionally invite riveting, yet churning conversations. Others may feel compelled to tell Scorpio secrets, or emotional wounds. This can result in feeling emotionally taxed, which leads to introversion. Scorpio may shy away from interacting with others in fear of being emotionally drained by the conversation. After all, Scorpio prefers a productive, meaningful conversation above all else. This is why Scorpio speaks with brashness, intensity, and inquisition. Scorpio likes to get to the bottom of things! Be mindful that it can come across as domineering. The tone is always straight-up, paired with brutally honest lingo. Scorpio’s mind is prone to obsessing. At times, Scorpio can be worse than Virgo. Scorpio doesn’t ruminate out of stress or anxiety, but instead of out obsession of unmasking the truth. This placement may inherently believe that there’s always something more than what meets the eye, so this can lead to consistently replaying conversations and over-analyzing. When it comes to siblings, Scorpio likely has a transformative relationship with them. Siblings would greatly shape Scorpio’s persona, communication, and mental abilities. The relationships may be more turbulent in nature, especially if there’s unresolved emotional issues or trauma at bay. However, Scorpio’s siblings will always know where they stand with Scorpio!

Sagittarius in the 3rd House

Sagittarius has an upbeat energy in this House. As a child, Sagittarius was the devilish one. This person is reckless, enthusiastic, and adventurous. Sagittarius is the one who would jump off the bridge, thus setting the standard for everyone else to follow suit. Sagittarius may struggle in school, or with studies. This placement implies being highly intelligent, but directionless. Sagittarius needs constant stimulation, especially to thoroughly follow through with completing a study of interest. So, this placement can be quite a “jack of all trades, master of none”. Not necessarily a bad thing, but this may impose problems in school as a youngster. After all, Sagittarius is recognized as being capable, but lacks the desire to follow through if interest is lost. Sagittarius may also be the chatty child who talks more than Libra or Gemini. Sometimes, all this talking is nonsensical or unrealistic. Sagittarius has a bold, unapologetic style of speech. This placement feels free to say whatever comes to mind without a filter. While this can lead to extremely humorous moments and philosophical insight, it can also result in talking out of Sagittarius’s ass. Sagittarius can have a wide-open insight, with a different perspective to share and hear. This philosophical mindset can result in asking unusual questions, thinking outside of the box, and challenging status quo. It can also lead to being seen in an obnoxious light (kind of like that one person who talks just to hear themselves). At times, Sagittarius may boldly state an opinion as a fact, which can lead to sounding silly. Sagittarius may also be prone to rambling conversations, with nor clear direction or purpose. No matter what, Sagittarius is always optimistic and friendly! This placement does speak with positivity. Best part is that Sagittarius is always open to teaching and learning. This placement likes to dispel insight, but also find new perspectives to consider as well. If anything, Sagittarius would need to be mindful of finding a purposeful direction. Sagittarius will do best with clear goals, or outlets to explore. If not, this may lead to being mentally lost, resulting in never acting on interests or goals. When it comes to siblings, Sagittarius may have a distant yet friendly bond with them. Sagittarius is likely to be the sibling to leave, to adventure, to explore. This may result in long-distance relationships. But Sagittarius always comes back, and usually with a warmness. In childhood, Sagittarius may have been a pot-stirrer among the siblings. This can also carry into adulthood.

Capricorn in the 3rd House

Capricorn has an authoritative energy in this House. As a child, Capricorn was stoic and reserved. Capricorn’s are the Benjamin Buttons of the Zodiac – old men in youth that transform into youngsters at an old age. So, with that in mind, Capricorn was likely an extremely mature person in youth. Capricorn would be dutiful, responsible, and dependable. This placement would work tirelessly at studies, school, and more. It’s tenacity and grit in essence. The goal would be to be the smartest in the room. Teachers, neighbors, and other adult figures would adore this mini workaholic. Even in youth, Capricorn may have seem emotionally detached. This persona would be tough, hardworking, yet closed off. This can lead to a practical, rational mind and persona. The style of communication would be productive, critical, and a little extreme. Capricorn would put a lot of weight on being the best, even at a young age. This can be emotionally crippling. In time, Capricorn would have to work on becoming more connected with the emotional side. This would come out in the form of exercising compassion for the self and others, as well as empathy and sympathy. Instead of reacting in a cold, harsh manner, Capricorn would have to work on reacting with sympathy for others. Over time, Capricorn would have to work on setting up boundaries as well. This is a responsible placement, usually for too many tasks and duties. With practice, Capricorn would eventually be able to set and enforce healthy boundaries so that Capricorn doesn’t experience excessive burn-out. After all, this placement can experience stress induced insomnia if burn-out is ongoing. Boundaries can help alleviate Capricorn of excessive duties. As Capricorn advances through life, the Benjamin Button persona will kick in. The stoic, serious personality will eventually incorporate a brighter view. Capricorn has the ability to be a grounded mentor and leader, with in-depth reasoning. But the catch is learning to not only be realistic, but also hopeful. When it comes to siblings, Capricorn may unintentionally try to be an authoritative figure to siblings. Capricorn is likely to act as another parental figure to the siblings.

Aquarius in the 3rd House

Aquarius has a zany energy in this House. As a child, Aquarius was the curious, quirky one. This is the child who would boldly question concepts, schools of thought, and more without a second thought. Aquarius would think of different ways of solving a puzzle, or articulating an opinion. In youth, Aquarius has the potential to become a radical thinker and doer. If nurtured correctly, Aquarius would grow into a great innovator. Aquarius would become someone who can think outside-of-the-box in a remarkable manner. However, if this aspect is stifled or not nurtured, Aquarius may have some radical, if weird tendencies. The best way to nurture an Aquarian mind is to let it roam. Provide this placement with outlets to intellectual resources. This could allude museums, documentaries, books, and more. It can even be as simple as entertaining as far-fetched conversation to give Aquarius the chance to communicate its intelligent, if unconventional, thoughts. At times, Aquarius could be hailed as an outcast or even feel that way. The brilliant mind and quirky communication abilities may throw others off. Aquarius could feel lonely, like nobody is able to relate or get on that level. It’s possible that Aquarius is even shunned by peers. Shunning may be a result of an Aquarian mind that has no outlet, therefore, no way of exercising all the wonderful, weird thoughts and interests in a healthy manner. As Aquarius ages, their mind may take on a radical, liberal perspective. This placement is a free-thinker, airing on the side of rebellion and unconventional perspectives. Sometimes this leads to an egocentric behavior, where Aquarius believes nobody else is right, smart, or helpful. In time, Aquarius will learn to be open to various perspectives, even advice, as something can always be gained from others. Over time, Aquarius will learn how to better communicate in an effective, consistent manner. When it comes to siblings, Aquarius is likely to have a distant, colder relationship. Sibling relationships may be unconventional in nature, or atypical to a certain degree. Aquarius is likely to be more emotionally distant with siblings, but still be loyal to them.

Pisces in the 3rd House

Pisces has a confusing energy in this House. In childhood, Pisces was a light, emotional persona. Pisces has a huge heart full of unconditional love. This would attract all walks of life, even at a young age. It’s likely others always wanted to help Pisces, as Pisces may seem lost or unsure. At times, Pisces may react out of emotion, passive-aggressiveness, or feeling overwhelmed. If this occurs, Pisces is likely to run away rather than face conflict head on. This is someone who may have a victim complex. At times, Pisces may have deflected responsibility or accountability, which can follow into adulthood. The mental state may be in flux at all times. At any stage in life, Pisces toils between logic and emotion. Pisces grapples with articulating any mental and emotional state. The mental and emotional state are so intertwined that is produces a deeply confusing, mysterious state for Pisces to be in. Because Pisces mind is so fluid, Pisces may struggle putting it into words through speaking or writing. In time, Pisces will learn the lesson of finding rhyme and reason between head and heart. When this comes into fruition, Pisces will advance beautifully. This placement is wonderful for creative expression in writing, speaking, and thinking. Once the veil lifts, Pisces is able to master the communicative abilities. In turn, Pisces’s beautiful head and heart can be shared in a simple, yet profound manner. Pisces can find creative, artistic means of expression – think poetry, short-form writing, art, photography, film, and songwriting. However, the major obstacle to overcome with this placement is letting go of escapist tendencies. Escapist tendencies can refer to running away from accountability, deflecting responsibilities, having a victim complex to using mind-altering substances. Pisces should aim for purity above all else to fully expand and capitalize on this placement. When it comes to siblings, it’s likely there’s a lot of love but also freedom. Siblings are well-loved, but maybe held at a distance. Pisces is a floater, so Pisces would likely come in and out of their siblings’ lives. At times, Pisces may be overly dependable on their siblings, or lack healthy boundaries with their siblings.

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