The 2nd House of Concrete Security

The 2nd House is traditionally associated with Venus and ruled by Taurus. This House denotes the relationship with possessions, wealth, value, losses/gains, moveable property, materialism, and how one can make money. This is known as the House of Concrete Security. It’s turning wishes and dreams into tangible desires. This is a Succedent House, which indicates that this is a “security” Houses.

The 2nd House can be a House of comfort. This House is looks at physical and financial security. The 2nd House is responsible for the area or sector of life that indicates what makes one feel secure. The idea of security can differ depending on the individual, the Zodiac sign in this House, and any planetary influences. As daily transits can affect the 2nd House’s sense of security, it can also affect one’s self esteem. This is where one can look at their relationship with losses and gains, especially in regard to finances or material items. The 2nd House is another indicator as to how one can make money, or where one ought to invest their money as well.

Since the 2nd House rules values, this can also refer to non-physical values. The values associated with this House can be feelings, wants, desires, and abilities. The idea is that the physical values and materials can help one gain the emotional values one seeks as well. So, the idea that what is gained on the outside is also gained on the inside. This goes back to the idea of physical and emotional security associated with this House.

The 2nd House is also home to moveable property. This implies materials or items that can be given, exchanged, returned, gifted, etc. Think items like jewelry, clothing, and home decor.

Signs in the 2nd House

Aries in the 2nd House

Aries is an impulsive, brash influence. One may feel called to spend fortuitously, or give generously, even beyond their own means. Aries can imply having a turn-and-burn relationship with money and material items. These things may come and go easily. Security comes from the ability to start from the ground up. Aries likes being an innovator, a true pioneer. Ideally, money is gained through short-term investments, exciting business deals, or entrepreneurial advances. Aries may make money from sports, athleticism, competitions, and in fast-paced environments. This can allude to being involved in police-work, the military, or explosives as well. Aries has a knack for breathing life back into dead ends, old projects, and formerly useless items.

Taurus in the 2nd House

Taurus is a calm, stable influence. After all, Taurus in the 2nd is natural considering Taurus traditionally rules this House. Taurus likes to save, to be scrupulous. Ideally, Taurus has an air-tight budget that works hard to achieve the luxuries of life. Taurus mentality is “saving to afford”. At times, this can come across as stingy behavior. In reality, Taurus isn’t afraid to invest if the investment seems fortuitous, luxurious, and/or expensive. Taurus will also take an extremely long time before deciding to spend or invest, as Taurus likes to feel assured in each purchase. After all, financial security is everything to a Taurus. Financial security looks like a well-endowed savings and checking accounts yet still being able to afford minor luxuries, such as eating out or splurging on clothes. Taurus can be greedy at times, not wanting to give up any material items, possessions, or money. Taurus may also make money from the fashion industry, food & bev. industry, wedding industry, art, music, physical therapy, and finances.

Gemini in the 2nd House

Gemini has a fluid, intellectual influence. Gemini likes to take a mental approach to money. Finances, possessions, and more will come and go. Gemini can adapt easily to the changes, with a cunning approach to improve or appraise the situations correctly. Gemini is fluid in making plans and budgets, which helps when adapting to change. It’s likely that Gemini isn’t very emotionally connected to very many items or possessions. Gemini isn’t likely to become emotionally distraught in the face of potential poverty or depravation either. If anything, Gemini rises to the occasion. After all, Gemini understands that security can be fluid. Gemini’s mental capacity and conversational abilities makes it easy to appraise each financial situation. Out of all the signs, Gemini may be the most open to seeking out help, advice, or assistance with sustaining security. It’s possible that Gemini makes money from public speaking, writing, publishing, teaching, and/or working with a younger crowd.

Cancer in the 2nd House

Cancer has an emotional, if needy influence. Cancer finds emotional security in physical security. This sign is a homebody at heart, so the home, material possessions, and financial security are extremely important. Cancer is likely to develop an emotional attachment to items, which may lead to hoarding. This emotional attachment may also be in regard to finances. If Cancer feels financially secure, then the emotional security follows. Likewise, if financial security is scare or fleeting, then Cancer is likely to become extremely defensive, moody, and even territorial. This can explain why Cancer can be quite thrifty. If Cancer spends money on anything or one, it’s usually on the home and family. Other than the home and family, Cancer can be quite cheap. It’s possible that Cancer can make money from house flipping, interior design, real estate, the family business, or through nurturing others (i.e. therapy, working with small children). Cancer may enjoy working from home.

Leo in the 2nd House

Leo has a bold, generous influence. Leo enjoys stability of all kind, especially if Leo can show off the stability. Leo is one to boast about financial successes, material items, and other luxuries. Having financial and material security is a huge source of pride. From this comes immense generosity. Leo likes to spread the wealth! This may come from having a big, giving heart, or the ability to show off through the ability to give. Unfortunately, Leo’s pride and ego can be rooted in the financial state. If finances aren’t looking great, or if possessions are damaged/lost, Leo’s confidence will take a hit. After all, Leo wants to live the life of a king, not a pauper. At times, Leo’s taste can be on the gaudy side. It’s likely that Leo will make money from working in the public eye, acting, singing, dancing, creative passions, comedy, or passion projects. Ideally, Leo should make money from either being talented, or investing in someone else’s talents.

Virgo in the 2nd House

Virgo has a hyper-aware, critical influence. Nobody else is detail-oriented like a financially stressed Virgo! Even if the books are balanced, bills are paid, and security is obvious, Virgo is still a nervous wreck. Virgo can be more prone to financial anxiety. There is an innate desire to be wholly secure. In order to find this security, Virgo will work tirelessly to achieve it. This can look like picking up odd-jobs, a side hustle, or even living on next to nothing. Virgo is likely to have an extreme sense of budgeting. The budget it likely to be organized, detailed, and routinely checked. Virgo has the ability to remain steady even if security fluctuates. Virgo is one to roll with the punches, to adjust, and to act when security is compromised. But financial stressors and lack of security will take a physical and emotional toll on Virgo. It’s all about practicality. When it comes to making money, Virgo can find success with teaching, mentoring, publishing, writing, servicing others, therapy, health, and even working with animals.

Libra in the 2nd House

Libra has a fair, harmonious influence. When it comes to budgeting, Libra keeps the books balanced. Libra strives to meet a quota, then to maintain it. However, when it comes to budgeting, Libra likes to weigh the pros and cons. Libra likes to ensure that each purchase is an ideal investment. The investments have to usually be practical, useful, and/or productive. Ideally, Libra is investing in products, outlets, and ventures that will be rewarding in the long-run. Libra has an eye for luxury, like Leo does. But Libra’s luxurious taste is often more feminine, high-end, and bougie. These items tend to be considered expensive, but long-lasting, which is enough of a reason to buy it for Libra. However, Libra always buys within reason. The frivolousness is usually pre-meditated. Libra is likely to make money from joint investments, partnerships, and even from marriage. Aside from this, Libra is likely to make money from social media, arts, beauty, wedding industry, fashion, politics, and/or the law.

Scorpio in the 2nd House

Scorpio has an extreme, dire influence. When it comes to security, it is all or nothing. Scorpio needs the utmost sense of physical security, or else Scorpio spirals. Scorpio works hard to achieve, to transform, and to obtain power. At times, Scorpio may be a bit obsessive with its resources. But one would never guess as Scorpio is highly secretive. Scorpio is the type who would present as financially secure but secretly be dealing with a huge financial disaster. Scorpio is also least likely to seek out help or advice, mainly because it would mean coping to financial failure, thus jeopardizing Scorpio’s pride. Whatever brings security, Scorpio may have a tendency to tightly hold onto it. Scorpio has the capacity to produce immense wealth, even without trying. It’s likely that Scorpio can make money from research, detective work, helping others with their finances, investing, psychology, transforming others/objects, occult-work (i.e. tarot, astrology, witchcraft), and even sex-work.

Sagittarius in the 2nd House

Sagittarius has a go-with-the-flow, adventurous influence. Sagittarius is likely to have a fleeting, yet positive relationship with security. Out of all the signs, Sagittarius is likely to be perfectly fine with a total lack of security. This is a true vagabond, happy-go-lucky placement. Sagittarius prefers to be free, so a lack of physical security may be welcomed. If anything, Sagittarius may only require enough to survive and go on adventures. Money may be fleeting, but that’s alright. Sagittarius has the positive energy to attract abundance. This can be an extremely lucky, auspicious placement. Sagittarius is likely to go out on a limb with a risky investment, with no true expectation of it. At times, Sagittarius can rival Aries and Leo in generosity. If there’s any negatives about this placement, it’s warning Sagittarius to keep the long-term in mind. It never hurts to save a little, or begin thinking about planting roots! It’s likely that Sagittarius makes money from travel, working in foreign trades/with foreign companies, working in higher education, speaking, writing, and/or expansion. Sagittarius may also have a knack with dealing with foreign cultures and people as well.

Capricorn in the 2nd House

Capricorn has a meticulous, cautious influence. Capricorn is extremely careful with budgeting and spending. When it comes to financial decisions, Capricorn likes to exercise extreme caution and consideration. Capricorn isn’t one to blow all of its money, be frivolous, or invest on a whim. This could come from experiencing poverty. It’s likely that Capricorn feels depraved, which is why this sign cautiously builds its resources up over time. Through careful budgeting, investing, and spending, Capricorn can amass wealth in time. Capricorn is able to get by with very little, just like Virgo is able to do so. After all, Capricorn has a financial and material end-goal to meet! It’s usually centered around the idea of comfortability. It’s plausible that Capricorn makes money from accounting, finance, business, marketing, politics, climbing through the economic social ladder in a career, working with its parents, and/or working with much older people. Capricorn may also be inclined to invest in the stock market.

Aquarius in the 2nd House

Aquarius has a quirky, innovative influence. It’s likely that Aquarius isn’t very concerned with money, or security. There’s a lack of an emotional investment here. Aquarius keeps emotions out of finances, which can actually help stabilize this House. If feelings aren’t tied to the physical idea of security, then Aquarius is more likely to positively appraise financial fluctuations. Money, materials, and possessions will come and go in bursts. Aquarius may hang onto a few items, but isn’t very attached to most of its possessions. When it comes to making money or investing, Aquarius will think outside of the box. Aquarius will invest in random, unique ideas and outlets that revolve around technology, humanitarian efforts, and are intellectual in nature. Out of all the signs, Aquarius is also likely to find unconventional ways or routes to make money. It’s likely that Aquarius makes money from technology, science, research, inventions, solo-projects, sales, futuristic ventures, and even helping others with their dreams.

Pisces in the 2nd House

Pisces has a dreamy, slippery influence. At times, Pisces can be extremely naive or gullible. This is problematic in the House of Concrete Wealth. Pisces needs to work on seeing the reality of a financial situation or investment for what it is. Pisces ought to do research before investing or spending money on random items as well. At times, Pisces can be tricked into investing, lending, and/or borrowing money beyond their means. Pisces may not take their finances or sense of security seriously. There may be a lackadaisical take on this House. A budget may be none-existent, or even unfathomable. Luckily, as a sense of security is fleeting, Pisces isn’t likely to get vastly overwhelmed by this. If anything, Pisces has an innate understanding that money will always come and go. It’s likely that Pisces makes money from spirituality, divination, yoga, health, music, podiatry, and/or working with others.

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