The Crone: A Re-Introduction

A year later, and so much has changed – including the purpose of this blog.

A few years back, I threw myself into the deep end of astrology. It was around my mid-college phase. My then-roommate was heavily into astrology, which inspired me to learn more beyond the basics. I knew about my birth chart. I had a basic idea of astrological Sun sign compatibility. I could make an educated guess here or there, but I quickly realized I was swimming in the shallow end of the astrology pool. After hours of conversing, debating, and researching, I dived headfirst into the deep end of my astrological practice. Like most, I began with extensively researching all signs, planets, Houses, and some asteroids. I would go to work or class and talk about the transits. I would pester my companions for their birth chart info, then use said charts as astrological flash cards. Reading stranger’s charts eventually became my weird college party trick! But despite my thorough research and positive feedback, I still deal with a Virgo Mars Rx and Virgo Chiron Rx in my 1st House – a.k.a. Major Self Doubt. I didn’t realize my potential until my poignant Akashic Record reading a year ago.

Shortly after graduating college, my longtime friend recommended me to an intuitive reader – Christy. In dire need of direction, I booked a chat with Christy where she read what I needed to know from my Akashic Record. Christy encouraged me to continue on my spiritual journey, particularly shadow-work, and also encouraged me to charge my astrology readings. Within the month of speaking to Christy, Desiree from Simply Sun Signs reached out to offer a collaborative opportunity. Desire offered me the chance to begin writing birth charts, relationship readings, and now horoscopes for her website. And so, the cosmos aligned – as they always do. Desiree saw my potential as an astrologer and gave me the first opportunity for professional growth. For that, I am forever grateful and appreciative of her impact in my life. She has become a beloved mentor and friend to me. Between Christy’s encouragement and Desiree’s impact, I’ve been able to grow exponentially within the last year.

About a year later, I find myself conferring with the same friend who recommended Christy to me. Now, we’re college friends turned roommates, and amid crazy transitions in our lives to boot. One year post-grad college, major break-ups, break-downs, etc. So, obviously, a reading with Christy was overdue. Naturally, we booked an appointment together. During the many wonderful, clarifying, moments in the recent reading, Christy had pointed out that I’m a Crone.

The Crone (me?) is the old, haggard woman. She is rough, raw, and blunt. The Crone takes no shit and gives no shits. She is the Way Shower, the Wise Woman. The Crone is death, repose, and the end. She is an archetypal figure. The Crone is either helpful or obstructive, always associated with the supernatural.

In essence, I’m like the 1,000-year-old witch trapped in a 23-year-old body. Go figure.

My recent Akashic Record reading inspired me to expand upon this blog. I want the the purpose of this blog to become Crone-like. My goal is to write as honestly and bluntly about astrology, tarot, and other spiritual matters. Over time, I’d like to think of this blog as a metaphorical Way Shower. Maybe the content is helpful to some, and obstructive to others. But always, supernaturally inclined. Blame my 8th House stellium for that.

Welcome to The Crone.

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