Random Readings: Patty

Our first installment of our mini-series begins with our girl, Patty! Patty was born on 06/11/1989 in Merced, CA, USA at 9:33 PM. Ms. Patty, your chart is below!

Personal Planets

Sun Patty, you’re a Gemini Sun! Gemini Suns are masculine, mutable air signs. Gemini Suns are known to be easy-going, which can cause some indecision as well as being called “flakey” or “fidgety”. But you’re not! As a Gemini Sun, they often move towards the shinier, brighter things in life and away from the less interesting things in hindsight. Gemini is ruled by Mercury – the God of intellect, communication, and learning. As a Gemini, you’re more inclined to bounce between whatever subject is interesting. Gemini is known to be more of a jack of all trades, master of none. They often pride themselves on knowing just enough about anything remotely interesting to hold a thoughtful, provoking conversation. Gemini’s are often smart, witty, fun if slightly nervous energy to be around. Gemini’s are also known to be less reactive, as air signs tend to go with the head rather than the heart.

Moon As a Libra Moon, this is a masculine, cardinal air sign. Libra is known to be indecisive (doesn’t help the nervous energy from Gemini) because they want to make the best, informed decision to keep the peace. Your Gemini Sun and Libra Moon combo will always try to mediate, negotiate, and communicate to ensure peace, happiness, and growth. As a Libra Moon, you may feel a bit disconnected from your feelings. This is a position where martyrdom may be prevalent because you may find yourself neglecting your emotional needs for others. Libra’s are also ruled by Venus, a minor Benefic – the Goddess of love, romance, and partnerships. A Libra Moon may be a “hopeless romantic”, or may find themselves romancing situations or people. This Venusian aspect points towards a great love for beauty and art as well. At 0’59” degrees, this is an especially positive aspect. Any sign (especially cardinal signs) at zero degrees is positive as it indicates the beginning of a new cycle, a fresh start! For you, this aspect calls for you to start anew with emotions, the relationship with the Feminine/Mother, and intuition. This aspect at 0’59” degrees may indicate a colorful, imaginative personality!

Mercury At 29’54” degrees in Taurus, you have quite the interesting Mercury sign and aspect! Taurus is also ruled by Venus, and is a feminine, fixed, earth sign. Taurus always has a steadfast opinion! Taurus Mercury has a funny, deadpan sense of humor as their humor often fits each situation perfectly. This placement may also indicate an extreme stubbornness in the area of communication. Sometimes you’re right, sometimes you’re wrong, it’s all about how you choose to handle it. Taurus Mercury may also come across as steady and blunt – they tell it like it is only after they’ve mulled it over a few times. Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Venusian influence may point towards a love for the arts such as singing, music, poetry, writing, etc! At 29’54” degrees, you are at the end of a cycle in your Mercury sign. Where you begin anew with your Libra Moon, you find yourself closing a chapter with your Taurus Mercury. This aspect may be troubling for this sign placement. With anything at 29 degrees, we often feel this sense of being rushed or a need to hurry. However, Taurus doesn’t rush for anyone (so fixed)! So, you may find yourself rushing in small spurts, and standing steadfast in other small spurts. However, 29 degrees is the degree that signifies mastery. Don’t let yourself feel rushed in regard to communicating, learning, speaking, or starting any of these processes. As a Taurus Mercury at 29 degrees, you already know how to handle yourself in the area of communication and intellect, even when it’s unclear to others.

Venus Venus is in Cancer – connecting the sign of the Mother with the minor Benefic. Cancer is a feminine, cardinal water sign. In the areas of love, partnerships, and romance, Cancer is a soft, gentle love. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is often depicted as the light in the darkness. In Venus, Cancer makes for a loyal, loving, if emotional partner. Cancer is often the manipulator and manipulated… In Venus, Cancer may have a difficult time trying to control, or gain the upper hand in the situation, therefore using its emotional manipulativeness to do so. Likewise, this is a placement where the Cancer Venus may be easily manipulated. This aspect may point toward emotional exhaustion in relationships as Cancer is known for its passive-aggression in relationships. This can be difficult to toggle between Libra Moon and Cancer Venus. Libra Moon is going to want to keep the peace at all costs, but Cancer Venus is always feeling some type of way and needs to often share it. Then Gemini Sun will want to speak on it but only after that Taurus Mercury has mulled it over first. If stifled, Cancer Venus can be a moody, manipulative, recluse partner. If expressed openly and freely, Cancer Venus is a loving, tender leader in love.

Mars Cancer Mars is something else. Mars is the God of illogical war, aggression, and sexual aggression. This is an uncomfortable position in regard to aggression and anger. Cancer Mars may react passive-aggressively – Libra Moon adds fuel to that fire, too. Libra Moon will fuel the passive-aggression if they feel as though the situation at hand is unfair. Cancer Mars will not like confrontation, as this is a placement where they feel that their partner should automatically understand why the Cancer Mars is upset. This isn’t always the case. Cancer is an intuitive sign, so although it may be clear as day as to why the Cancer Mars individual is mad, being passive-aggressive won’t allow anyone else to see what’s wrong. It will create confusions, disillusion, and pettiness. On the flip side, this is a very loving placement in the area of sex. Cancer Mars love best when being with their partners feel like home. They are tender, compassionate, empathetic lovers.

Ascendant & Midheaven

Ascendant (1st House) Your first impression and general vibe you give off is like a Capricorn’s. As the First House is the area of life that rules first impressions, and the immediate first energy received by others. Capricorn is a cardinal, feminine earth sign. To have a Capricorn Rising, you may come across as stoic, mature, wise, if unapproachable. Capricorns can have a grandfatherly vibe, or can have a more negative vibe as it is ruled by Saturn (God of Karma, Responsibility, and Time). Capricorn Risings are viewed as hard workers, reliable, and leaders. However, they may be viewed as a serious person, which heavily contradicts that light, fun Gemini Sun-Libra Moon combo! Although stoic in nature, these individuals care deeply just like their opposing sister sign, Cancer.

Midheaven (MC/10th House) The MC is the House of Life and Career, it’s the type of person who we’re working towards. I look at the MC as if it’s the sign we aspire to be more like – for whatever reason! Our MC’s are more prevalent in our later years (30’s-50’s) as this is the House we have to mature into. Unlike the Ascendent, we gradually take on or try to take on more qualities of our MC. Patty, your MC is in Scorpio at 0 degrees – an extremely powerful placement! Those who embrace their Scorpio MC‘s are often seen as mysterious, emotionally provoking, powerful individuals. This is a placement that evokes self-mastery. Those with an MC in Scorpio may experience more dramatic, exhausting upheavals… With each difficulty that arises, Scorpio remains steadfast due to its fixed nature. Because of this, Scorpio MC’s can explore each upheaval with intensity, raw emotionality, and authenticity. This is a powerful placement that will push others – and the individual – to the brink. Like a phoenix, an individual with a Scorpio MC will always rise from the ashes without fear of looking back. And at 0 degrees, this is an auspicious aspect for Scorpio who flourishes in new beginnings and cycles.

Anything Else?

Some interesting aspects to consider when reviewing your chart is that you have three placements at 0 degrees – your Moon sign, Fifth House, and MC. These are all auspicious placements that signify new beginnings, particularly a new karmic cycle. Another aspect to consider is your Mercury sign at 29 degrees, which indicates wrapping up the old karmic cycle. Aside from several prominent degrees, your Ascendant, MC, and Moon signs may indicate that you’re an “old soul”. Although a Gemini Sun, your Moon in Libra indicates that you’re more mature and wise as Libra comes far later in the order of the Zodiac than Gemini. A Cap Rising/Scorpio MC also indicate being an older soul as Capricorn and Scorpio are maligned Zodiac signs. Capricorn and Scorpio can be rather difficult placements to discern, so mastering them in their placements can indicate that your soul is ready to tackle the nitty-gritty to complete a full, karmic cycle.

Patty, you also have several overlapping aspects between the planets and houses. Any time a planet (or asteroid) shares the same sign as a House(s), there can be more influence in that specific area of life from the celestial body. You have Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune in the First House. The North Node plays a role in the Second House. Mercury plays a role in both the Fourth and Fifth Houses, however, the aspect is far more interesting in regard to the Fourth House which is at 0 degrees whereas Mercury is at 29 degrees. The Sun and Jupiter signs are involved in the Sixth House. The Seventh House is home to Venus, Mars, and Chiron. Lastly, Pluto shares Scorpio with the MC and Eleventh Houses.

With that being said, you also have “empty” houses. Empty houses refer to a House that does NOT share a sign with a celestial body. Therefore, this area of life may be less significant or not a primary focus in the individual’s life. Patty, your Third, Eighth, Ninth, and Twelfth Houses are “empty”.

Lastly, you also have a natal retrogrades in your outer planets of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and in your North Node. Go here to read more about natal retrogrades! And yes, if the planet and House share the sign, they also share the natal Rx.

Ms. Patty, you also requested to delve deeper into your Venus sign. Venus and Mars are in Cancer, which means they’re also in your Seventh House of Partnerships, Romance, and Commitments. Venus is extremely at home in the Seventh House as it rules the Seventh House. This can create a loving, reciprocal partnership. A “soulmate” partnership, if you will. Mars can be explosive in the Seventh House. Mars can create a wake-up, shake-up energy that sexually reverberates the Seventh House. With Mars in the Seventh, it can allow for a sexually satisfying life, but also a potentially aggressive and explosive partnership. Cancer – who is the sole sign associated with the planets and House – can be a loving, respectful, fulfilling partner and parent. However, Cancer can also bring manipulation, passive-aggressiveness, and posessiveness into this area of life. Be wary of trying to gain control, the upper-hand, or being manipulative in any partnership. Cancer means well, but that doesn’t mean any petty feelings should get in the way of something good. Likewise, it’s also important for to separate the self from the partnerships. This aspect can allude to the Cancer Mars/Venus/Seventh Houser to want to become one with their partner… which can create a loss of independence and identity. So, if the partnership fails, the Cancer Mars/Venus/Seventh Houser may feel like they didn’t just lose the partner, but they lost a part of themselves too. This is a placement that means well, but also calls for plenty of healthy boundaries. Through trial and error, you will learn.

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