Random Readings

When I was in college, I used flashcards to study for my major. Now, I use random people’s birthdays to generate charts and practice my astrology. I’d like to expand, experiment, and grow as an astrologer – so, what better way than to test my knowledge by testing myself on stranger’s birth charts?This new series is aptly titled “Random Readings” and is what it sounds like. You provide me with your birthday details, I provide you with a personal, free birth chart reading!

The interpretation includes a picture of your chart, an overview of personal planets, the Ascendant (1st House), the Midheaven (10th House), and any other funky details that stand out in the chart. Maybe the extra somethin’ included is a brief overview of any natal retrogrades, any asteroids, significant degrees, and unique or unusual aspects.

So, should YOU do it? Well, let’s see… It’s totally unbiased as I wouldn’t know any individuals who complete the form. So, for any astro-skeptics out there, this may be a lucky opportunity to really test out your astrological theories. Not to mention that anything I interpret is totally, 100% my own subjective opinion – in other words, take it or leave it. Lastly, this is quite the bargain. Really! Natal chart readings can cost a pretty penny.

In exchange, I get to create this mini-series and share it with the world. This may help others understand their own charts and astrology! If you’re interested, fill out the form below and stay tuned for a post with your reading!

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