The Rising Signs: 1st House

Did you know that about 100 years ago, when someone asked you for your Zodiac sign, people would reply with their Rising sign? Seems crazy, because modern-day astro-enthusiasts would reply with their Sun sign. While the Sun sign is the core ego of our chart, the Rising sign is arguably the most you.

The Rising sign is the Zodiac sign in the 1st House of the Self, Identity, and First Impressions. It’s also commonly known as the Ascendant. At the time of your birth, there was a Zodiac sign rising on the Eastern horizon. This Zodiac sign that was rising at the time of birth then becomes your Rising sign. The Rising sign is one of the most important placements in a birth chart as it pretty much predicts how the rest of the chart ought to be laid out, especially the other 11 Houses. So, this is a time-specific placement, this changes every two hours. As specific as a minute off can totally change the course of your chart, even your Rising sign itself. After all, these aspects are time-dependent!

The Rising sign is also crucial to know when looking at daily transits, a.k.a. your horoscope. To get the most accurate horoscopes, you ought to read the one for the Zodiac sign that is your Rising sign. For example, I am an Aries Sun, Leo Moon, Virgo Rising so I would read the Virgo horoscope to see how the daily transits may affect my life.

Now let’s explore some options for those of you who don’t know your definitive birth-time. Some are lucky enough to ask their parents for their birth-time, which is great! But some aren’t always so lucky. If you’re born in the U.S.A., you can contact the Office of Vital Records for a copy of your birth certificate, which will have your birth time on it. Another option is to play around with various times, which would require research and reading through each type of Rising sign to see what “fits”. Another alternative is to utilize a median time of either 12:00 PM or AM as a birth-time place-holder. Professional astrologers can also be consulted to construct a birth chart.

Regardless, it never hurts to look into all 12 Rising signs to get a better idea of how not only you’re perceived, but how you initially perceive others as well!

Keywords for the Risings Signs

Aries Rising

  • Personality Attributes: Bold, brash, honest, loud, charismatic, devil-may-I, intimidating, short fuse, energetic, agitated, crude, young, immature, impulsive, upfront, argumentative, leader
  • Wants to Project: A strong, independent hero complex.
  • Physical Attributes: Easily builds muscle, average to taller height, stocky/muscular, quick actions, ruddy complexion/blushes easily, noticeable scars/bruises/healing wounds

Taurus Rising

  • Personality Attributes: Conservative, careful, boring, reliable, dependable, possessive, sensual, earthy, grounded, hedonistic, gluttonous, opinionated, patient, trusting, secure
  • Wants to Project: An easy-going, sturdy dependable persona.
  • Physical Attributes: Stocky, big-boned, curvier, defined neck/shoulders, short to average height, prone to weight gain, plumper figure

Gemini Rising

  • Personality Attributes: Multi-faceted, chatty, inquisitive, curious, ever-changing, adaptable, fluid, busy, agile, quick, fickle, slick, sly, coy, unemotional, devil’s advocate, unpredictable
  • Wants to Project: A gregarious, quirky yet cute personality.
  • Physical Attributes: Slimmer figure, defined arms, manicured/neat hands, bright eyes, long features (long fingers, legs, nose, face), fast, nimble actions, ever-changing physical aesthetics

Cancer Rising

  • Personality Attributes: Protective, defensive, moody, empathetic, motherly, compassionate, guarded, emotional, brooding, quiet, passive-aggressive, sarcastic, fussy, comforting, kind, vulnerable, touchy
  • Wants to Project: A “tough on the outside, soft on the inside” complex.
  • Physical Attributes: Rounder face, fuller cheeks, paler complexion, short button-like nose, medium height, prone to weight gain, curvy/stout/fuller figure, hips may be prone to weight gain (i.e. love handles)

Leo Rising

  • Personality Attributes: Bright, loud, energetic, charismatic, creative, expressive, bold, proud, egotistical, arrogant, confident, flirtatious, stubborn, bossy, playful, regal, dramatic, show-off
  • Wants to Project: An “all eyes on me” energy.
  • Physical Attributes: Defined back/shoulders/chest, strong posture, focus on hair, muscular, inverted triangle body shape, athletic build, strong jawline

Virgo Rising

  • Personality Attributes: Serviceable, meek, quiet, observant, critical, cold, standoffish, perfectionist, neat, knowledgeable, detailed, precise, productive, reserved, helpful, unassuming, cynical
  • Wants to Project: A classic “fly on the wall” attitude.
  • Physical Attributes: Slender figure, short to medium height, youthful despite age, bigger forehead, broad shoulders, small face, brisk movements, acne/weight fluctuates from stress

Libra Rising

  • Personality Attributes: Social, chatty, aloof, charming, cooperative, insincere, impartial, relatable, refined, superficial, graceful, fair, diplomatic, self-absorbed, compromising, indecisive
  • Wants to Project: Whatever/whoever a Libra Rising is around.
  • Physical Attributes: Symmetrical features, conventionally attractive, well-formed to stout figure, on the taller side

Scorpio Rising

  • Personality Attributes: Secretive, complex, psychological, research, investigative, controlling, obsessive, sexual, depth, powerful, proud, resentful, sharp, extreme, jealous, turbulent
  • Wants to Project: The mysterious, sexy stranger complex.
  • Physical Attributes: Sharp features, bonier, sallow complexion, prone to oily skin/hair, defined hips/butt, short to average height, square faces, curvier/well-formed figure

Sagittarius Rising

  • Personality Attributes: Boisterous, expansive, hedonistic, explosive, adventurous, outspoken, jovial, arrogant, exaggerated, reckless, tactless, talkative, opinionated, honest, brash, unreliable
  • Wants to Project: A classic “yes, man!” energy.
  • Physical Attributes: Taller, slender yet well-formed, athletic build, tendency to slouch/have poor posture, oval face shape, uses hands/arms to emphasize talking points

Capricorn Rising

  • Personality Attributes: Leader, ambitious, authoritative, consistent, organized, punctual, detailed, cynical, cool, reserved, dutiful, dry humor, mean-spirited, serious, shy, goal-oriented
  • Wants to Project: The ability to be seen as a stoic, responsible figure.
  • Physical Attributes: Short to average height, thinner, bone/joint problems, prominent teeth/big smile, afflicted walking gate, strong posture

Aquarius Rising

  • Personality Attributes: Quirky, individualistic, unemotional, erratic, unconventional, objective, outgoing, progressive, extremist, rebellious, sincere, free-thinker, scientific, impersonal
  • Wants to Project: The “I’m not like other people” complex.
  • Physical Attributes: Clear complexion, long/oval face, unique physical characteristics (i.e. atypical hair color or eccentric clothing), long arms/legs, defined calves, either totally perfect or imperfect teeth

Pisces Rising

  • Personality Attributes: Confused, elusive, emotional, fluid, receptive, mystical, immoral, impressionable, kind, malleable, vague, sensitive, tender, gentle, creative
  • Wants to Project: A dreamy, hopeful romantic energy.
  • Physical Attributes: Shorter height, well-proportioned, smaller feet and hands, bigger eyes, soft facial features, seems/looks lost

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