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My name is Liz, and I am a self-taught astrologer and tarot reader. My journey with astrology began when I was in middle school, mainly with the typical magazine horoscopes. It wasn’t until college where I really expanded in my astrological practice. Around my freshmen/sophomore year, I realized there was so much more to astrology than my Sun sign. I would pester friends and coworkers for the birth chart info, then use their charts as astrological flash cards to practice my knowledge. It eventually became my weird party trick to read stranger’s charts with shocking accuracy. I quickly brought myself up to speed throughout college, using everything I could find to expand my knowledge. During my first year of post-grad, I took up tarot as well. Like astrology, I first began reading cards for myself, then friends and coworkers as practice. Since diving into these divination tools, I’ve been professionally reading astrology since 2018, and tarot since 2019. In addition to my astrology and tarot, I also incorporate my education in psychology. In particular, I love incorporating concepts from positive psychology into my readings.

My astrology services are a blend of modern and Hellenistic astrological techniques. I use both Placidus House system and Whole House system. I am adept in reading birth charts, synastry between two charts, profection years, composite charts, aspects, natal retrogrades, the Nodes, and the asteroids Lilith, Chiron, and Juno. In addition to this, I can also track transits through the chart of choice, and can write in-depth horoscopes for all Zodiacal placements. My tarot services are strictly Rider Waite, which allows me to offer basic spreads, your spread of choice, Celtic Crosses, plus utilizing both Rider-Waite and Oracle cards together in order to give an in-depth reading.

My goal for The Crone is for it to be crone-like in nature. Honest, blunt, the ultimate way-shower. Maybe it’s run by a wise woman, but honestly, probably not. In time, The Crone will become more of like an astrological guide, with a sprinkling of tarot and spiritual articles.

The Crone: A Re-Introduction

Previously known as ASTROLOGICALLY