A Brief Overview of Decans

Every single Zodiacal placement has a degree attached to it. The degree of any given placement will range from 0 to 29 degrees. The degrees then fall into one of three ten-degree divisions of the placement, known as the decan. The first decan (0’00” to 9’59”) is ruled by the cardinal sign within the element, the second decan (10’00” to 19’59”) is ruled by the fixed sign within the element, and the third decan (20’00 to 29’59”) is ruled by the mutable sign within that element. Basically, the presentation of the Zodiacal placement is further influenced by additional factors as denoted by the decan of the placement.

Fire Decans

The first decan for fire sign placements have degrees between 0’00” to 9’59” degrees, indicating that Aries and Mars are influencing this placement. No matter the fire Zodiacal placement, it will express Aries/Mars traits. First decan fire placements are bold leaders and pioneers, characterized by their unmasked aggression. This indicates that the fire sign placement under the first decan will feel emboldened by taking charge, making decisions, and relying on gut instinct.

Second decan placements have degrees between 10’00” to 19’59”, which implies that Leo and the Sun are the influential factors. The second decan fire placements will express more of a Leo/Sun influence. This expression will come across as warm, genial, and positive. Second decan placements will be more egotistical in nature, ensuring that the self comes first in the expression of the placement. This influence will be more stubborn in nature, adhering to any loyalties or points of pride.

Third decan placements are between 20’00” and 29’59” degrees, so Sagittarius and Jupiter are the influencing factors for this decan. With Sagittarius and Jupiter as influencing factors, the expression of third decan fire placements is jovial in nature. Third decan fire placements are more apt to explore, adventure, and strike out on their own. This is a fiercely independent, if arrogant, expression.

Air Decans

First decan air placements have a degree between 0’00” and 9’59”, implying that Libra and Venus are the influencing factors. The first decan air placements may come across as more diplomatic in nature, either expressing as an apt mediator or peace champion. Venus will give a benefic, harmonious influence with an eye for beauty. At times, the expression of first decan air placements will be more indecisive in nature.

The second decan air placements have a degree between 10’00” and 19’59”, which infers that Aquarius, Uranus, and Saturn are influencing factors. Second decan air placements may express in an erratic, if unpredictable nature. The expression may be more emotionally detached, opting for logic and reason instead. Uranus and Saturn influences will be one of strict rebellion. On occasion, the second decan placements may come across with a stubborn god complex.

Lastly, third decan placements are between 20’00” and 29’59” degrees, which implies that Gemini and Mercury are influencing factors. Gemini’s and Mercury’s influence is a chatty, mental one. The expression of third decan air placements are more gregarious in nature. These placements have many questions, talking points, and intellectual interests. At times, this expression may be more flighty or ever-changing, which can be difficult for others to grasp onto.

Water Decans

The first decan water placements fall between 0’00” and 9’59” degrees, which means Cancer and the Moon are part of the expression. First decans have a motherly touch, per the influencing factors. Cancer and the Moon give the first decan placements an intuitive, if defensive, approach. Yes, this is a wholly empathetic expression but with a wall up. At times, the expression of first decan water placements is moody and passive aggressive.

Second decan water placements are between 10’00” and 19’59” degrees, which implies that Scorpio, Pluto, and Mars are the influencing factors. No matter the sign of the second decan placement, there will be a hint of intensity in expression. Scorpio’s brash, powerful energy comes through with second decan placements. Pluto and Mars reverberate on the back-end with a mentality of “Don’t mess with me!”. With this power comes an intuitive, if psychic, ability of knowing. Second decan water placements can also come across as domineering and controlling.

Finally, third decan placements are between 20’00” and 29’59” degrees, which implies that Pisces, Neptune, and Jupiter are part of the expression of the placement. Pisces can give this expression a loving, gentle aura. Neptune may cloud or haze over the expression, which can make the third decan placements somewhat confusing in nature. Jupiter will give the third decan placements an expressive, creative take. At times, the third decans may be wishy-washy or unreliable in nature.

Earth Decans

First decan earth placements fall in-between 0’00” and 9’59” degrees, indicating that Capricorn and Saturn are part of the expression. First decans will express themselves in an assertive, mature manner. The Capricorn influence will be righteous, hard-working, and methodical. Saturn’s influence will impose stoicism and responsibility. On occasion, this expression may appear too hyper-focused on the long-term, which can cause some tunnel vision.

The second decan placements will be between 10’00” and 19’59” degrees, so Taurus and Venus are the influential factors. Taurus and Venus will give the second decans a lazier, more appreciative nature. Taurus will influence a more stubborn, slow-moving energy in second decans. Venus will implore the second decans to stop and smell the roses. This expression may be a little more practical in nature, opting for the safe option over the risqué. At times, this expression can be extremely stubborn to the point of inflexibility.

Third decan earth placements are denoted by a degree between 20’00” and 29’59”, indicating that Virgo and Mercury are part of the expression. With Virgo and Mercury as influencing factors, there is an eye for detail present. This expression is hyper-focused on perfectionism, aiming to level up any aspect or area. Mercury’s influence is selectively voluble, instead opting for quiet reflection and more productive conversations. With Mercury and Virgo here, there may be elements of harsh criticism as well.

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