New Year, New (Astrological) Bullshit

Astrologically speaking, 2018 was some bullshit. But in 2019, I assert that we are not just surviving, but thriving. 2018 was about “dissolution,” but 2019 is all about “completion.” If done with mindfulness and right intentions, the loose ends of 2018 will be wrapped up in 2019, leading us into a brand new cycle in 2020. But before we get started on the astrological events that lay ahead in 2019, I strongly suggest generating your birth chart as knowing your rising, sun, and even moon signs are absolutely crucial for a thorough, detailed yearly overcast. As a gentle reminder, your rising sign depicts the events that lay ahead, while your sun sign will show you how you will react to the events. You can most definitely use other placements in your birth chart to gain specific insight and knowledge regarding an area of life.

Alright, got your rising and sun signs ready? Good. Let’s go!

Who’s Affected the MOST This Year?

Anything in a yearly/monthly overcast will affect any sign, rising or sun. However, some sun and rising signs are more affected than others. These signs will often share a common denominator. In 2018, the Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn sun/rising signs were most affected. The common denominator of these four signs is that they are are all cardinal signs, a.k.a. the natural born leaders, shit-starters, go-getters.

So, who’s in for some real astrological shit this year? Shout out to my fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius! Y’all are about to experience some MAJOR upheaval particularly regarding the houses ruled by the fixed signs. The 2nd House, ruled by Taurus, will see changes in finances, security, and the losses/gains concerning those matters. The 5th House, ruled by Leo, will experience upheaval in the family we create with our partners, children, luck, and creative expression. The 8th House, ruled by Scorpio, will see change regarding attitudes towards life/death, possessiveness, sex, and the taboo. Lastly, the 11th House, ruled by Aquarius, will see change in the greater community, goals, hopes, and wishes. Uranus is stationed in Taurus for the next seven years – no bueno to say the least for these fixed signs.

All zodiac signs can be expected to be impacted in some way this year. Cardinal signs will finally find the answers to the questions that arose in 2019, and more importantly, themselves. As we know, fixed signs need to be, well, not so fixed. Fixed signs are going to learn the subtle art of letting go, embracing change, and getting out of their comfort zones this year. Lastly, mutable signs pretty much need the opposite of fixed signs. Mutable signs need to ground themselves this year, and more importantly, finding that stability within themselves as 2019 promises curveball after curveball. Let’s read what each individual sign can expect, shall we?

Forecasts for the Cardinal Signs

Hey cardinal signs, remember all of the anxiety you felt in 2018? Well, you can expect it to finally pay off in 2019! Cardinal signs can expect immense gratification from the unexpected revelations and decisions that occured in 2018. Said gratification will come in the form of finally beginning to realize their purpose – the very thing that had been repeatedly tried and challenged throughout 2018.

Aries, you were pretty crippled in 2018 but in 2019, it’s all or nothing. Aries begins the year with Mars and Uranus in Aries – talk about some wake-up, shake-up energy! Don’t forget to keep the momentum going when Uranus moves into Taurus on February 12th. Aries must be super mindful about maintaining energy this year as most of the planets will be in either water or earth signs. Aries may feel like they’re constantly bogged down, but it’s like Leonard Cohen said, “If you don’t become the ocean, you’ll be seasick everyday.” Appraise the beauty and stability of heavy earth/water placements as finding balance between the feminine and masculine is important. Take it from your sister sign, Libra, when I say recognizing and maintaining balance is key for this year! If Aries has learned anything from 2018, this year should be much easier as long as Aries does not overextend themself.

Cancers faced an emotionally draining year in 2018, so this water sign needs to focus on keeping their own heads above water this year. Focus on prioritizing yourself this year. More importantly, just fucking say what you feel it, Cancerians! Beating around the bush and being passive-aggressive got you absolutely nowhere in 2018. Learn from this, grow from this, it will serve you well in 2019 especially when there’s a Mercury Retrograde during Cancer season! Finding the right words and delivery will pave an easier path to happiness and self-love, but you can’t do that if you get choked up and say nothing at all.

Libras are socialites, but in 2019, Libras need to figure out if their current relationships are really working for them or are just being used as a distraction/avoidance tactic. Libras can expect a changes in their close social groups. Much like Scorpio, it’s time to find your real people Libra. The balancing scales Libra can be a people-pleasing sign, but it’s time to speak with honesty to create that harmony you’re looking for. Libra, you can say what you want to say without it backfiring on you and your relationships. And you should. Don’t worry, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will toughen any Libra up.

Speaking of Capricorn, it’s never an easy year for this sign. Capricorn is ruled by Father of Time and Karma, Saturn, the planet of responsibility and limitations. Capricorns know they often bite off more than they can chew. But 2019 is going to force the Sea Goat Capricorn to honor their responsibility to themselves in the form of limitation, which can be found in the 2nd and 11th Houses. The 2nd House will teach Capricorns that losses and gains are part of finding balance. The 11th House will help Capricorn revise their goals, wishes, and desires which can affect the 2nd House as the 2nd House is concerned with security. Luckily, Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Sagittarius will make for a more humorous, fun year for all the Capricorns – embrace it! Freedom can come in the form of responsibility, Capricorn.

Forecasts for the Fixed Signs

Uranus is the rebel and revolutionary but Taurus is grounded and as stubborn as a bull (pun very much intended). Taurus, instead of digging your heels in, try to embrace the change Uranus is bringing your way. Pro-tip: you have literally no choice but to be flexible and appraise the changes coming your way because Uranus and that Saturn in Capricorn will force you to change, be more easygoing, and less stringent. Taurus, just keep in mind that losses can also be gains.

Leos love to dazzle, but 2019 isn’t having it. We all know you like the spotlight, Leo, but it’s time to take a step back and let someone else shine for a bit. Taking time for yourself instead of putting on that constant show for others will be beneficial in the long-run. Leos are performers, but it’s time to focus on some self-love and self-reflection. Leos can expect a year of self-discovery through opportunities but only if the opportunities are acted upon! You can also expect your view of family to change, which may be scary, but Jupiter is exalted in Sagittarius and will bring good luck to help with the process in that specific area of life.

Scorpios, you will have to be especially mindful of your words given that Saturn and Pluto are stationed in Capricorn and in your third house of communication. Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) will dig up the deepest, darkest truth and Saturn will find a way to present it, but Saturn will also roundhouse kick Scorpio’s ass if Scorpio does not choose their words carefully. Don’t forget, Saturn’s motto could be “I hope you learned from this experience,” and that isn’t ever said as nicely as you may want in the moment. In particular, Scorpios can expect the brutally honest truths to come out about themselves. Most importantly, start letting people in, Scorpio! Take down your guard and show some vulnerability so you can avoid isolating yourself and missing out on the fantastic astrological opportunity this year to find your people and build your community!

Lastly, Aquarius (primarily ruled by Uranus and has a secondary ruler in Saturn) may feel cornered big time. The rebel without a cause is backed into a corner thanks to both Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. You know what this screams? Structure, rules, order – the things an Aquarius despises… or do they actually crave these things but can’t seem to get past, well, the natural rebellious tendencies Aquarius has? Aquarius, stop resisting. Fighting pointlessly against everyone and everything clearly isn’t getting you anywhere. This is the year to rebuild those lost connections, find stability in your home life, and to become more personally invested in your greater community (11th House). But first, Aquarius has to be ready to accept the structure Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus will offer this year.

Forecasts for the Mutable Signs

As for my mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces – you can expect self-reflection regarding the view of yourself (1st House), your romantic relationships (5th/8th Houses), and more importantly, the home life (5th House). Stability can be found in the greater community and more importantly, finding a healthy relationship with significant people in your life.

Gemini will face uncertainty and little-to-no luck thanks to Jupiter which is stationed in Sagittarius, Gemini’s true opposite and sister sign. Geminis can expect to feel overshadowed and unheard this year. Plus, Uranus in Taurus is about to rock your world in the most emotionally draining way possible. Geminis are going to focus on healing childhood wounds and damaged relationships, so staying grounded is key. The heavy earth energy will not only bring stability, but also truth and honesty. The heavy water energy will force all Geminis to get in touch with the feminine and their emotions, which may be difficult because Gemini is a masculine air sign. Embrace the heavy earth and water energies surrounding you this year!

Virgo will be forced to review, revise, and reconsider matters regarding family and the home life (5th House). It’s important to remember the distinction between what actually is instead of what could be regarding family, Virgo. This will come in the form of setting and maintaining boundaries with family. Virgos are known for helping literally everyone and anyone else but it’s ok to put yourself first this year, Virgo. Use your perfectionist tendencies to help you this time!

Sagittarius will have a particularly lucky year… until Jupiter stations retrograde from April 10th and will go direct in Sagittarius on either August 10th or 11th. The Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio will have Sagittarius reeling with the possibility of finding themselves again. Not to mention that Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn, so Sagittarius’s brutually honest and even reckless tendencies may not be as beneficial this year. It never hurts to look before you leap, think before you speak. Keep in mind, Sag, it’s easy to overdo it with Jupiter, so keep your health in mind and your ego in check this year.

Lastly, Pisces may have a disconnected view of themself as their ruling planet, Neptune, is squaring Jupiter all year. Although others may view Pisces with positivity and warmth, Pisces may not be able to see through their own delusions of themselves. It’s time to begin connecting your public persona to the true you, Pisces. The best way to go about personal transcendance is rooted in hard work and diligence, which will be easier to facilitate with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. Like Gemini, finding stability and connectedness in the heavy earth placements can be beneficial for you, Pisces.

Major Retrogrades

Before we begin, a Retrograde is the ultimate optical illusion from our vantage point on the Earth. The planets cannot, and do not, actually regress, but rather we view them as such from our position on the surface of Earth. If a planet is stationed in retrograde, then said planet only appears to be moving backward. If a planet is stationed as direct, then the planet appears to be moving forward as it normally would from our vantage point on Earth.

It should also be noted that retrogrades are not terrifying, life-altering, Earth-shattering phenomenons. Retrogrades are the astrological pain-in-the-asses, but only because retrogrades will shine a light on what’s not working in a specific area of life. Instead of ignoring the brutally honest review, embrace it. Retrogrades offer the life lessons that will only help you move forward – and this year, learning lessons is the whole point.  

2019 Major Retrogrades:

  • January 6: Uranus goes direct in Aries
  • March 5: Mercury Retrograde in Pisces – the first of the three Mercury Retrogrades of the year
  • March 28: Mercury goes direct in Pisces
  • April 10: Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius
  • April 24: Pluto Retrograde
  • April 29: Saturn Retrograde
  • June 21: Neptune Retrograde                                          
  • July 7: Second Mercury Retrograde in Cancer
  • July 8: Planetoid Chiron enters a retrograde in Aries
  • July 31/August 1: Mercury goes direct in Cancer
  • August 10/11: Jupiter goes direct in Sagittarius
  • September 18: Saturn goes direct
  • October 3: Pluto goes direct
  • October 31: Third and final Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio
  • November 20: Mercury goes direct in Scorpio
  • November 27: Neptune goes direct in Pisces
  • December 12: Planetoid Chiron goes direct in Aries

Uranus going direct on January 6 is a great way to kick off the year! This will call for taking a closer look at your life and what is to come in the year. Uranus is the rebel and the revolutionary, so Uranus stationing direct in Aries would call for us to abandon old ways that aren’t serving a purpose any more and get clear about the action/direction we do want to take moving forward… Talk about a great time to write down a few New Year resolutions!

The few planets that do not go into retrograde this year include Venus and Mars. It is also important to remember that the Sun and Moon never go into retrograde.

All three Mercury Rxs (Retrogrades) occur during water sign seasons – meaning that those with Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio placements in their birth charts will be more susceptible to being afflicted or transformed. In particular, risings, suns, mercuries, any houses with these signs placed in them, and the houses that are traditionally associated with each sign (fourth, eighth, and twelfth houses, respectively) will be most affected during the particular retrograde its associated with. For example, if my rising is Scorpio, both my rising sign and my eighth house (which is associated with Scorpio) will be deeply affected during the Mercury Rx in Scorpio.

Another huge, on going astrological event is the movement of Chiron, a planetoid characterized as the “Wounded Healer,” as it will be bouncing back and forth between Aries and Pisces for the next seven to eight years. During 2019, Chiron will station retrograde in Aries. This aspect will call for everyone – especially Aries signs/areas Aries rules in your birth chart – to reflect on healing the masculine, the warrior energy within. This can refer to healing the  relationship someone has with the masculinity within themselves, masculine relationships (i.e. the father figure), and balancing the traits associated with Aries – particularly anger, passion, and sex. Healing the masculine does include a healthy dose of self-reflection, but also not only acknowledging but also incorporating the feminine. This is definitely feasible because both Venus and Mars stay direct all year, which can aid in finding the balance between the masculine and the feminine.

Prepping for 2019

Let’s be real, it could easily be another draining year. Or it could be transformative and full of release. The choice is yours. The best and only way to go about this year is accepting and embracing every challenging aspect. Don’t run from the retrogrades, embrace them. They will highlight what needs to be changed. If something isn’t working for you, take a step back to rethink your intentions and your actions. If your first impulse isn’t serving you, revise your behavior. Taking ownership of your life choices will accelerate your growth and evolution this year or be what holds you back in the end!

This is the year of growth particularly in communication, limitations, family, boundaries, and responsibility. As scary as it may seem (especially for those fixed signs) it can result in significantly healthier, happier outcomes. The process may be dreary, so it’s important to remain grounded in whatever way that works best for you. Don’t forget that Jupiter in Sagittarius can be an incredibly fortunate time, so take advantage of that expansive, prosperous, benevolent energy!

Crystal Suggestions for the Signs

If desired, the following crystals can be utilized by the following signs:

Crystals can aid with clarity, strength, preservation, or whatever each sign needs a little of (or a lot of) this year.

~ As above, so below.


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